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With the advent of digital media it doesn’t come as a surprise that your competitor might be bidding on the exact keywords or vying for attention of that same group of audience as yours! In such a crowded market,ignoring your competitors will be a major discredit.

“If you know yourself, but not your enemy,
For every battle won, you will suffer a loss” - Sun Tzu.

Every company, big or small, must have detailed reports about their competitors. How? Berlin based startup Rivalfox brings you a software for “automated competitor monitoring and reporting”. This software accumulates all information for competitor analysis and provides you with a comprehensive summary of the same. It is time saving and is very organized in the way it works.

Features in a nutshell

Rivalfox has features that makes it a “must have” for all companies-

  • KPI dashboard of Rivalfox helps you stay up-to-date with all reports and feeds.
  • More than one competitor can be tracked at once.
  • Any change on your competitors’ website is notified.
  • Your competitor has a new press release? You will be notified immediately.
  • Overall performance in traffic, SEO and social media of your competitors are recorded.
  • Get a detailed summary of all changes and also get access to daily reports of activities.

Brains behind Rivalfox and the story

The founders, Oleksandr Ivanov (CEO), Anas Salem (COO) and Paul S. Chun (CTO) founded Rivalfox in May 2013. Ivanov takes care of product and marketing, while Salem is responsible for Sales and finance. Chun, on the other hand, works for product development.


Recently, tech journalist from StartupsFM team got into a brief conversation with Oleksandr Ivanov on Rivalfox. StartupsFM team loved every bit of it, and is all keen to share the same with our readers.

SFM: What’s the story behind Rivalfox?

Oleksandr Ivanov : Our last company which was all about last minute hotel booking application had over 10 direct competitors across the world, and they were big players. We had to monitor different channels like competitor’s website, app store performance, job site, press releases and much more. We did it manually every day spending like 20-30 minutes on it. We had to put all the information into an excel sheet which was not very efficient. And after we forgot to do it we missed some things, our marketing and sales departments missed out things and were complaining about it. After a couple of months we decided to make this process better and to develop an easy SaaS which is affordable not only for Enterprise companies but especially for SMB’s.

SFM: What’s more in store in regards to features?

Oleksandr Ivanov : We are now in the open Beta and of course at a very early stage of the product. Now we are offering:

  • Website Monitoring
  • Online Press releases
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Treffic

Soon we will add special features for

  • Website monitoring to make it more specific and better,
  • Online ads monitoring,
  • Job monitoring
  • Mobile.

The vision is not just to collect the relevant data and present it in a convenient and easy way by providing a news feed, KPI dashboard and Reports, but to recognize correlations in the data and in the long run make actionable insights and suggestions for the companies.

SFM: Does RivalFox crawl the competitors for a particular website itself or is some input required from the website holder too i.e. whether the entire process is automated or not?

Oleksandr Ivanov : The only one thing a user has to do is to add the competitors website. We then automatically collect the different data from different sources.

SFM: What are your pricing plans? Is RivalFox to spread globally or are you going to target specific locations?

We are now offering a SmartFox plan for $59/month including 1 user and 5 competitors. We will also have a free plan (1 user and 1 competitor) and will add more plans very soon.

SFM: How do you think startups or SMBs are going to benefit from Rivalfox?

Oleksandr Ivanov : Our mission is to keep managers up to date. So we target marketing managers in SMB’s and competitive intelligence professionals at bigger enterprise companies. Our vision is to provide trustworthy, reliable, actionable data about competitors to organizations.

Rivalfox intends to increase awareness and importance of Competitive & Market Intelligence by collecting data and presenting the data in a most trustworthy and user-friendly way.


We aggregate over 100 KPI’s of your competitors and create a market landscape overview so you can always have detailed information of your competitor’s performance. In order to be able to keep you on top in the competition, we use our own crawlers and use data from different sources. We cover KPI’s and Content for Traffic, SEO, Online Ads, Social Media, Online Press, Website changes, Mobile Apps, Job boards, Newsletter, Blogs Content.
Rivalfox SaaS solution replaces your team’s tedious manual competitor tracking process with on-demand reports and analysis. Save time and money for your business.
For SMB’s we are offering affordable prices!

Rivalfox is already live with the closed beta and are collecting valuable feedback from their customers to develop more features much faster. Some of their trusted users are:

If you are wondering how to make through the fierce competition, then Rivalfox is a ready-made solution available in the market!


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