Top 5 “Must-Buy” Gadgets of this week from The Gadget Flow


While the hour clock is ticking for the Week #38′s giveaway at The Gadget Flow, it’s definitely party time on the charts. Christmas and New year are round the corner. What can be a better occasion than this to treat yourself with awesome gadgets. StartupsFM has picked out 5 gadgets for this week that you might add to your “will-buy” list. However, we say these should go on your “must-buy” list. Check out our hot picks for this week!

Ostrich Pillow Light

We know how stressful work can be. A power nap is what everyone needs when working for 8-9 hours at a stretch. Understanding the worth a power nap might have to you, here’s presenting Ostrich Pillow at a price of only $50. Whether you are on a bus or a train or at your office desk, without a support to your head, nap is really not possible.


This pillow cancels all noise and lights as you put it on your head. It covers up your eyes and ears and gives your head the necessary support. We agree it will make you look like an alien, but that is a small price in return of the good swift sleep you can have in the day.

CandyWirez Colorful USB Sync & Charge Cables

USB cables are black or white. Period. Nooo! USB cables are colored too. Don’t believe us? Check out CandyWirez Colorful USB Sync & Charge Cables. These are stylish, brightly colored and go perfectly in sync with your Apple device. This 5ft long cable is easy to plug in whenever you need some power supply or need to transfer a file.


The best part is, flat design resists tangle for easy storage and durable coating acts like a shield to your daily use and abuse! Made out of soft silicon and polished metal cover ends, these cables come at a price of only $19, and we must say- they are colorfully stylish!

Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps

Okay! Here it goes. You need not be a weight lifter to lift heavy stuff around you. Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps are a pair of adjustable straps that will help you lift heavy things without sweating! Starting with small pianos to large television sets, mattresses or any other heavy furniture weighing up to 700 lbs- Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps can take it “up” with ease!


These straps are adjustable to 48 inches giving you options of carrying various sized and shaped furniture. All you need to do is x-cross the straps under the load to lift so that your furniture don’t slip out! Only $10, and you can lift the heaviest furniture with a smile on your face. To add, these straps cancels all risks of back pain and strained muscles, and is OSHA approved.

Porkfolio Smart Piggy Bank

Piggy banks are for storing coins! What if your piggy bank worked like a bank? Porkfolio Smart Piggy Bank not just stores coins, but can count it and is also smart enough to talk to you through a smartphone app! Every time you will insert a coin, it will express its immense delight via its lighted up nose.


Connect it to your smartphone app remotely and know in seconds how many coins you have stacked up in your little smart bank. Porky has a heart to hold $100 in quarters. You can stay tension free because if anyone tries to break in, porky’s built in accelerometer will trigger alerts for you! This smart bank comes at a price of only $70.

ZIIIRO Mercury Watch

A classy watch on your hand is always a show stealer wherever you go! We would say ZIIIRO Mercury Watch is a “timeless wonder”. It will not be an exaggeration to say this watch will be a hit ten years down the line, or it would have been the same ten years back too! This watch tells time in a way that depicts elegance! The inner swirl moves smoothly like a shifting gradient with its tip stylishly pointing out to the hour.


The outer swirl at the same time shows minutes. The stainless steel mesh band along with the two swirls is a perfect classy combination. It comes in five mesh-dial color combinations: black-purple, black-magenta, black-ocean, silver-magenta and silver-ocean. This watch emits a high degree of accuracy and comes with a limited one year warranty. Were you wondering about the price? It’s $176 only!

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