Dezayo Makes Ordering Web Site Designs a Drive-Thru Experience


Most web design firms would be happy with a functional website that showcases their portfolio and talents as designers, but not Dezayo. Currently in an open beta stage, Dezayo’s main selling point is the user interface that allows customers to use an interactive form to specify exactly what they need in a custom design for their website. You can use their service to cook up custom web sites for any of the major content management systems that are popular now, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify and Magento.

SRS form to save time from the endless meetings

The key factor that makes Dezayo so appealing is that it offers a convenient, fast and affordable third option that straddles the ground in between buying standard templates and endless in-person or online meetings and discussions with designers.

The SRS form that customers fill in immediately gives them the answers to two critical questions – when will they get to see the finished design, and how much is it going to cost. The designer gets a detailed brief that clearly specifies everything the client needs. It’s far easier to understand how it works if you’ll just head over to the design order page, but we’ll still summarize it here.


You start by selecting the type of website you need. You can choose one of the options out of a list that includes everything from a personal website to a corporate/business website, landing page, blog, eCommerce shop, billing page, social network, gaming portal, etc.

Then you select the layout, which again has a gazillion options. You could go for a one-page wonder, blog, gallery, forum, shop, etc. Next is the style you are looking for, with options such as graphical, photorealistics (using real-life pictures), clear (as in simple), text, Pinterest, etc.

Then you choose how many pages you want, and add optional items such as a mobile version of the website, a prototype, and graphics including the logo and other illustrations. If you want to provide detailed instructions or have your own graphics or sample template, you can attach them as files. Finally, you select one of four pricing schemes ranging from beginner to hi-end, with prices to match your budget ranging from $180 to more than $1,470.

Making these selections shouldn’t take you more than 2-4 minutes if you already have a fair idea about what kind of website you need designed. The best part is that you didn’t type a single word and it’s all just a matter of clicking your way through the form and hitting submit when you’re done.

Step 2 takes you to the HTML details, and Step 3 to Hosting and SEO – if you need it. When you’re done with all this, you are taken to the agreement page and then the invoice. You can always get in touch with them for an even more customized product.


The point, however, is that the detailed instructions you can send through the interactive form make it unnecessary to engage in meetings and discussions about what you need.

It’s an excellent model for a design website, and very nice and easy to use too. It tells you that there’s some seriously talented and imaginative designers and developers at work behind the scenes at Dezayo.

You can tell it’s working out nicely, and not just because Dezayo was one of the nominees for best design startup at the Awwwards this year.

Bring ordering of custom websites to a new level

Yurii Efimov, project manager at Dezayo, told that “Dezayo saves your time, our aim is to bring ordering of custom websites to a new level, and it is much faster and profitable than buying a template,” says

More importantly, Yuri also says that they’re considering expanding the role of the SRS form by making it a platform that designers everywhere could use to take orders.

At the moment, the website is being operated in manual mode so that they can spot and get rid of the bugs during the beta stage. Once it becomes fully automated, clients will be able to choose their budget and find executors willing to work on that budget.

If that works out too, designers would be able to use the platform and customize the form described above to create their own custom assignment forms with their own questions that clients could answer and submit.

Dezayo already has the technological framework and the UI for it in place. They also have a sort of escrow system in place where customers are assured their money is safe and will be returned if the designer doesn’t deliver. A member area provides customers with a tracking system called a “Website Monitor.” This tool keeps customers informed about the progress of the designing and coding process.

On the Dezayo website, it says that ordering a custom website is now easier than buying a template. That may be a bit of a stretch, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction and it’s undeniable that Dezayo makes the process of dealing with designers a whole lot easier.

Check out their infographic on custom design right here

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