Top 5 trending gadgets of this week from The Gadget Flow


We know you are still keeping your fingers crossed because Giveaway week #38 has few more hours to get over! A 1X Hard Graft Camera Strap is worth the wait. However, since its winter party time, why not check out few more trendy gadgets at The Gadget Flow. We are sure you will love them. StartupsFM has picked out 5 gadgets for you that you must have a look at before anything else. Here’s this week’s top trending gadgets.

Snuglet MacBook Power Cable Connector

MacBooks are beautiful, but it also comes with a shortcoming. The charging problem is consistent with all MacBooks. However, the snuglet ring is a good compensation to all the troubles you were facing with charging till date. This cable snugly fits in the connector port, and doesn’t really interfere with your attempts to remove the connector. It doesn’t let go off connection on its own.


If your pride in owning a MacBook was getting disturbed, well, at $23, you can have a smooth MacBook experience. You can reuse the cable, remove it from time to time, and use it on another Macbook too!

Homer Simpson Slippers for Men

Guys hate the adjective Cute, but trust me they would do anything for these cute Homer Simpson Slippers. If you are one such guy who carries off ridiculous styles with great pride, then these slippers are just for you. Homer Simpson is the king, and slipping your feet into his mouth might accelerate your courage, and you might just shout out “D’oh!”


These slippers are soft, they are plush, come with non-skid soles and are just $23. Match them with Simpson PJs and boxers, and let your style speak for you! In a year when its time to party, being crazy will be an add-on.

Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

You have games on your mind 24/7. Ahh! How you wished to take games with you even when you are having a bath! Whoosh! Wish granted. The Game Boy Cartridge Soaps are what you were waiting for. What’s more fun than washing your hands with Earthworm jim soap, or Pokemon or Tetris! At $11, your time in bathroom is added to your game hours as you slip into Kirby’s Dreamland or Super Mario Land.


Though these soaps are vegan, better not bite it. You can splash and spin, but snacks time is always after bath, not during a shower!

USB Rocket Launcher

ThinkGeek has brought war in classrooms or in offices. USB Rocket Launcher can be plugged to your computer via a USB cable, and launch little foam rockets to hit a target at 25 feets away. You can control your rocket with a 360 degree horizontal rotation and a 45 degree vertical tilt!


Get your own weapon at just $47, and see others backing out as you walk in! After all who messes with an armed man!

Anki DRIVE Starter Kit

What do you call a video game that has jumped into the real world? No idea? Well, it’s called Anki DRIVE Starter Kit. This track kit comes with a landscape of its own where intelligent racing is a common thing. The cars are aware of their location and surroundings, and have the intelligent imbibed in them to know how to race!


All you need to do is sit back and watch the cars race by themselves against an AI-driven car. If love for Need for Speed and Fast and Furious runs in your veins, then you might just spend $199 to own this kit without delay!


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