Celebrate New year’s eve with top 5 gadgets of this week from The Gadget Flow


Recent surveys are showing increasing demands for gadgets not just in adults but in kids too. Of course, we don’t blame them for this added curiosity. These days gadgets are not restricted to chargers and plugs only. A wide range of things have come to be included under “gadgets”. Since New year is round the corner, StartupsFM team handpicked five gadgets from The Gadget Flow for this week that might add to the celebrations of your entire family!

Lytro Light Field Camera

Focus, auto-focus, flash-on, flash-off… You need to adjust your lens so many times depending on the light field before you have your wonderful “click”. This new year, let your camera do all of it while you just keep clicking moments! Lytro Light Field Camera lets you adjust or rather refocus “after” you have clicked your picture. It records the light field and gives you the option of adjusting later unlike the normal cameras.


The Perspective shift feature lets you change the perspective according to your will. All these can be done “after” clicking the picture. At $653, this camera is an awesome buy. Its lightweight and comes in four different colors. It has 8x optical zoom and easy to handle.

Question Block Lamp & Stand

Do you remember those days when video games looked so simple? If only we had a time turner! Not that we can take you to those days, but you can surely relive the memories with Question Block Lamp & Stand. This lamp from 8-Bit Lit will take you to old video games days. Its touch sensitive and responds to fist bumps. You can switch it on or off with a head butt. It brings back those old days when games were simple but fun.


You hit it and it makes an addictive 8-Bit sound. You get to gather gold coins and occasional 1-up. The lamp is highly energy saving due to its LED composition. At $94, its not artistic, but definitely this stand with its cubic shape is a winner this new year.

Bennett Balance Bike

We said this new year we have something for everyone in your family! So here comes the best gift your kid can have. The Bennett Balance Bike comes at $250 only. Its a wooden bike without any gears or chains. Your kids need not go through the “tricycle” phase anymore. For kids aged between 3-6 can have a seamless learning of riding a bicycle.


The design is inspired by bridge designs in Chicago. The rounded wooden seat at a comfortable height and solid gripping handles makes this a must have for your kiddo!

Oviedo Leather Chair

Now this happens to be something that might interest every member of your family. The Oviedo Leather Chair brings two eras together in its design- The curve and laid back look hails from mid-century chaise lounge while the sleek metallic finish is a 21st century industrial design. These two eras come together to give you a chair that hugs and comforts your entire body and stands as an artistics decor in your home.


The woven leather suspension system and channel-stitched wrapped in leather seat cushion gives you comfort of highest level. A family fight might begin if you buy just one! This chair comes at $1650 only.

evoMouse – A Virtual Mouse From Celluon

Its time to take touch screens to the next level. The evoMouse, short for “Evolution Mouse” is not a physical device in the truest sense. This plug and play mouse looks like a robotic toy dog and allows you to use gestures instead of clicking and pointing the mouse. You can very well say the computer mouse is on its way to getting extinct.


Use gestures on any flat surface in front of the device and do everything you do otherwise with a real mouse. It comes at a price of $120 only and is an awesome replacement for the standard mouse. You can bid adieu to repetitive stress injuries from now on.


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