Silicon Valley Startup, Kiyat Games, Takes a Unique Spin on Company Branding and Promoting


San Jose, California, December 19th, 2013 – Startup gaming company, Kiyat Games, has only been around for less than a year but during this short period the team has learned to implement unique marketing tactics despite their limited resources. A new take on company branding, in particular, has led the company down a more creative path showcasing the talents of local artist ‘Sukyan’ with a bi-weekly webcomic series titled, “Welcome to Kiyat Games.”

The webcomic follows the day to day life in a startup, showing everything from the “hardships” faced by the team members in the moody San Francisco weather to the most mundane activities of searching for a new office in their recent relocation back to the South Bay. Though only 6 episodes have been released, each episode has all been met with positive feedback; many readers enjoy the humorous sides of a small company and the chance to see the inside of a true Silicon Valley startup.


For more information and to read all the latest releases of the webcomic, you can visit the Kiyat Tapastic page here.

About Kiyat Games

Established in January 2013, Kiyat Games is a Silicon Valley based game publisher with a team of passionate and experienced gaming professionals, who specialize in bringing successful games to the global markets. The team has been providing their services to partners worldwide including but not limited to Kabam, PATI Games, Daou Tech, and Smart Study.

For more information please contact us at sun [at] kiyatgames [dot] com

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