5 Awesome picks of this week from The Gadget Flow


Only eight days into the new year, although the party is over, that cannot be a reason to put a “restricted” sign on your “buying-gadgets-spree”. Gadgets are awesome and we understand they make you feel elated every time you buy one. Of course, when its something from The Gadget Flow, it is surely worth spending on. So, StartupsFM team has put together this week’s awesome 5 picks for you to give yourself or any of your loved ones a belated new year surprise!

3P Clock

How does a cube show time? No idea? Well, check out 3P clock that comes with a friendly clever illusion. A 3D cube on your wall with three vanishing points will make your brain try to draw objects from a 3D perspective. This clock comes from Robocut Studio and Baron Magazine, an indie publication offering a mix of design, culture and business.


This clock has the minimal design you can think off but it comes with style and elegance. The cherry wood finish as the backdrop and the black glossy acrylic hour and minute hands are examples of classic design. This sophisticated piece of art comes at just $100.

Nintendo NES Controller Case for iPhone

The $20 tag makes you look turn your heads twice. Yes, we know. Amazing stuffs at amazing prices are always cool. This product from Performance Designed Products (PDP) is a definite replica of NES controller with a 1:1 scale. The bezel case along with silicon molded buttons will make a Nintendo fan go weak on his knees. The red buttons from the original ones still stay the same, along with the smaller start button and black selection buttons.


NES has its hallmark in Cross shaped joypad which is retained in this product as well. This not just gives you the happiness of being a crazy Nintendo fan, but also extends loving protection to your iPhone as well. Your iPhone is now safe from knocks, dings and is no more a prey to your carelessness. And all of these at just $20!

Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Infuser

Be it anywhere, you can now wake up to a rejuvenating tea cup. The Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Infuser works in the old physics rule “nigger on the inside than it is on the outside”. The infuser looks small but it can hold on sufficient amount of tea leaves.


It is a product from ThinkGeek and is also an officially licensed Doctor Who product. Also, it has Eleventh Doctor’s sonic screwdriver attached to the end chain. This comes at a price of $19 only!

Baggage Tag Packing Tape

You always found those airport baggage tags fascinating. Now you can have a personalized one to your name. Yes, the Baggage Tag Packing Tape comes with three letter codes. A single roll contains around 100 feet 2″ wide tape with an authentic look. Its a white tape with black printing with colored strips running on either side.


It comes with writings like PKG, DCL and WRP. That can easily mean packaging wraps unless you want it to mean a flight from Pulau Pangkor Airport (PKG) in Malaysia. You can choose tapes with orange, green, or blue colors at just $11.

Raw Induction

Mobile charging can happen without a charger. No, we don’t mean USB connector. We mean mobile charging without any wires.


Raw Induction series is a designed wireless charger that is made out of materials like concrete and cork. It features 3X free roaming charging hearts. This charger comes at price of $495 only!

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