Top 5 Trending Gadgets You May Have Missed Last Week on The Gadget Flow


Whether you are thinking of a batman helmet or a classic looking bicycle, The Gadget Flow has it all and more. A cool garbage box or a mobile dock, you can find all your day-to-day needs satisfied here. StartupsFM team lists this week’s top 5 gadgets that contributes in making your daily chores a bit more jazzy!

HD100 Motorcycle Bat Helmet

You ride your bike to work, or to friends’ place or may be to a pub. Wherever you go, it always feels good when people turn their heads towards you when you pass them. While we are not telling you to change your bike, you can spice up your ride with this cool Bat Helmet from Helmet Dawg. With a feel and look of Dark Knight set out on a mission to save Gotham, this helmet is definitely going to be a head-turner. It’s stylish and sleek, and is designed to perfection.


It’s a face-full helmet made using a proprietary elastomer formula and high-quality materials. Forget those days of choking in sweat because Bat helmet has a dual exhaust venting system that lets out the hot air that usually gathers inside a helmet near your mouth and at the top of your helmet. What sets apart this helmet is those batman ears! At $349 only, you can now start kicking those bad guys around!

DIY Sandwich Bike Kit

This kit comes with all the necessary items to put together a fully functional bicycle. A simple wooden quadrangle with two flat strips of wood is there to support the handlebars and front wheel. The wooden parts come with holes for inserting front and back axles, pedals, handlebars and seat rod. This kit has everything you will need along with necessary tools.


Get your bicycle ready in just 30 minutes without having to sweat at all. What you make is clean and pretty bicycle. Everyone has a steel finish polished bicycle. But few are lucky to have a self made pretty wooden bicycle at their disposal, that too at just $1350.

Bone Collection Ninja Cord Wrap for Headphone Wires and Cables

These fascinating cables wraps come at just $12. These ninjas will keep your wires and cables neatly wrapped saving you from struggling with a tangled mess! All you have to do is wrap your cable or wire around its waist.


Run the end over its ear through his upraised hands and the other end towards its stretched leg. The result is it looks like tarzan-ninja hanging from wire-rope, swinging with a dacoit face!

Driftwood Docking Station for Smartphones

Time to make space for your smartphone too! The Driftwood Docking Station from Docksmith is a beautiful looking driftwood with a slot to dock your smartphone. It comes in eight different colors and showcase cool looking models you might otherwise come across naturally! Its eco-friendly and gives a feeling of plugging directly into a tree! Sounds quirky??!!


Get this docking station which comes with a 30-pin connector, a lightening connector or a microUSB connector. Whether Android or apple device, this docking station is device friendly! It’s perfect for Android smartphones Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. It also has space for tablets, and is $72 only!

Doctor Who TARDIS Wastebin

Dustbins can look cool, and when its Doctor Who TARDIS Wastebin, it has to be coolest of the lot! Just $89, this wastebin from ThinkGeek is designed for people who like space-saving-large-bins. To be more precise, it looks small from outside but is large from inside. While other bins will overflow, your Doctor Who TARDIS Wastebin will happily keep making space for all your trash.


You press the pedal to open, it immediately lights up that Police light along with the TARDIS materialization sound. Close it and it ends off with dematerialization sound. However, if you are not in a mood for trash-box-singing-to-you, you can turn off the sounds as well. Isn’t that interesting?!


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