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Press Release: New Delhi, 19 February 2014 – Planning a divorce? Need to file a lawsuit? Need to get a legal agreement prepared? Is your landlord troubling you? Or just need some legal advice for your situation? For all of the above, the first thing you need is a good lawyer. So how do you go about finding a good lawyer? enables you to find a good lawyer based on the experiences of others. provides a platform to get your legal questions answered, to talk to a lawyer on the phone, and to find a competent lawyer without wasting thousands of rupees on the wrong lawyer. On you can interact with lawyers and evaluate them for free before hiring the lawyer that’s right for you. At the same time, you can rate the lawyer so others will benefit from your rating. The feedback ratings are a critical part of the website, and are crucial when you want to decide which lawyer you want to hire.

All the lawyers on are carefully recruited by Kaanoon, and the lawyers must adhere to certain standards in order to stay on the panel of lawyers. This strategy of handpicking lawyers clearly seems to be working. “Good answers and wonderful service. I am happy to have found this site. Will always think of Kaanoon when I need legal help from now on” – these are the exact words left on the website by a happy customer named Sridhar.


Apart from being useful for consumers seeking legal advice, serves as an excellent marketing platform for lawyers. Instead of constantly asking for referrals, lawyers can spend their time showcasing their knowledge on, and the rest will take care of itself. By answering a few questions a day on this website, lawyers can not only build their online reputation via feedback ratings, but they can also grow their online presence. How exactly? In general, online traffic to question and answer pages is highly targeted because the questions relate to exactly what users are searching for on the Internet. As a result, lawyers’ answers will help build targeted content on the site and get the lawyers’ answers ranking higher in search engines like Google. As the search engine ranking of goes up, an answer on can generate hundreds of views each week, giving the lawyers free publicity for a long time to come.

About Kaanoon was launched in November 2013 by Amit Goel, a graduate of IIT Delhi. This unique idea popped into his mind when he faced serious hardships in finding a good lawyer for a property-related issue. He had to switch multiple lawyers and spend thousands of rupees in consultation fees until he settled for a lawyer who met his requirements.

Ever since its first week of launch, has seen tremendous growth in user activity. provides a simple, user-friendly interface. It has a diligent team of designers and engineers who work hard to provide a solid user experience on a website that is blazing fast. Amit Goel himself is an expert when it comes to user experience and web-based solutions.

Amit Goel, the President of Kaanoon, says, “The potential for online legal solutions in India is unlimited, and Kaanoon is just getting started. We have many more services planned for the legal space in India. One year from now, every lawyer in India will be clamouring to be on Kaanoon.”

To experience Kaanoon for yourself. visit

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