AppUpper boosts your app position in stores!


São Paulo, Brazil — February 25th 2014 — AppUpper today released the first crowd-review platform for Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps. It brings companies that have a new product with a very aggressive time-to-market the opportunity to have their product confidentially evaluated and tested by a motivated, compromised and
enthusiastic crowd of users within 24 hours.!

Studies on ASO (App Store Optimization) show that having a considerable amount of
consistent reviews, plus a positive and solid rating average should certainly bring a
good app into the highlight zones in the major app stores. AppUpper also offers
companies additional ASO Consultancy services to make apps compliant to the best
practices of Mobile development and marketing.


AppUpper Features

  • Boosts Apps’ position in stores through massive and impartial reviews and ratings.
  • Allows companies to have a remote, low-cost and independent beta test team.
  • Offers ASO consultancy for App repositioning in the Mobile market.!

Pricing and Contact Info

Since AppUpper services are customized for each client’s needs, companies interested
on it should consult for pricing.

For further details, please feel free to visit their site
or contact the AppUpper team at contact [at] appupper [dot] com

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