Geopieces is a Social Discovery App That Takes Geotagging To The Next Level

Geopieces Social Discovery App

Discovery apps have been the primary booster for the travel industry ever since their introduction brought a surge in traffic on Android and iOS App Stores. It became easy for travellers to track and share their memorable expeditions with the rest of the world virtually and make their mark in the travelling market at a go. From photographers to lone travellers, discovery apps have always been a favorite amongst anyone and everyone who connected themselves with this global aspect of knowing nature. However while most discovery apps let you post about any region on the globe without considering your current location, there’s a recent Android app from an Austrian team of talented individuals that can make you buy areas depending on your real location. Sounds crazy? That is exactly what Geopieces has been developing since 2012 in order to make your online travel journeys unique and extremely interesting!

Buying Pieces of the World is Now Possible

What otherwise looks like a simple geotagging app, Geopieces is one of its kinds when it comes to describing the way this app lets you buy pieces of the world and flaunt yourself as its owner. “We should build the million dollar website on the map” It was this simple source of inspiration that had drawn the team towards starting this masterpiece way back in 2012 and giving shape to their idea. There were two distinct ideas the app wanted to fulfill right from the beginning:

  • The ability to let users buy a particular part of the world (virtually) for themselves.
  • Capturing and tagging interesting places from the phone that others can discover later.

It was in June 2013 when the team finally announced their beta launch which had the world divided into 33.5 billion pieces users could buy for € 1/piece, the first one of course coming for free. They call each of these pieces a Geopiece of one particular area at a time that in totality serves like a virtual billboard for all the app users. When we asked Bernd Eibl, CMO of Geopieces on elaborating this feature, he said, “If anyone crosses into your piece with the app he will see your content of the Geopiece at the top of his feed. A virtual billboard of the area. At popular locations, many people will share videos and photos and others who check it out (on both app and desktop versions) will see what information is put on the Geopiece there. It is pure local advertising, you could advertise your local bakery and put a coupon on the Geopiece to attract customers that are already nearby.”

Geopieces lets you buy pieces of the world

That is like travelling around the globe one Geopiece at a time! Buying a Geopiece is like labeling a particular location as yours which gives you the full liberty to use it for local advertising. That is again for only € 1 per piece that is pretty affordable when it comes to advertising. Also, buying a Geopiece gives you the opportunity of selling or renting your piece in the future and making money out of it. It is up to you how you’d like to use your Geopiece and decide on its market value. Quite an exquisite idea that is! Currently, the app trades with their internal currency G$ but the plans lie in opening a stock market that could let you exchange your internal currency with your local one. That means you could actually earn money from this super app.

4000 Pieces Already Sold!

If you are wondering whether this will stay as an idea and never have that user base to make it worthwhile, then you should know that Geopieces has already sold 4000 pieces of the world and have 1500 users till date. This March 2014 saw the launch of the Android app in open beta. It was surprising to know from the interview that apart from popular destinations such as the Pyramids and Big Ben, the app also saw a lot of abstract destinations (where people could never realistically bring the app) being bought such as the Mount Everest and the sunken Titanic till now! That surely shows this is no simple app we are talking about anymore.

The team is currently working on enhancing the social media integrations of the app that will let users share their Geopieces posts across other social networks and increase the app’s popularity in the way. Local giveaways and benefits are also coming up into account in the near future with more surprises along with it. What’s left to see is how big this app grows into and how many of us feel proud owners of the world through Geopieces. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t see it to be taking a long time in reaching that place!

Founder’s Corner

Erich Drazdansky

Erich Drazdansky, real estate investor for more than 30 years. He loves everything about new technology and is driven to build the next trend platform.


Joerg Eibl

Jörg Eibl, software engineer for more than 10 years. The technical genius behind Geopieces. Single handedly programmed the platform and makes sure everything works the way it should be.


To be a part of this exciting venture, download the Android App now.

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