is the Perfect Way for Users to Discover Instagram Videos Through Geolocation

Toronto, Canada-based startup Lodka Labs Inc. is working on a few different ways of content discovery. It’s mostly about discovering videos, and one of their apps is shows you what’s going on in the world through videos geolocated on a map of the world. The concept is easy enough to understand – any time there’s something big going on in a place, people make videos and post them online, and that’s when starts showing clusters of videos in that location.

Take one look at the world map on, and you can tell there’s something cooking in Russia that’s motivating people to upload a ton of videos – that would be the Sochi Olympics.

You can drill it down to a location – a city or point of interest – that you are interested in, and check out the videos people are posting for it.


Konstantin Filatov, founder and CTO of Lodka Labs and creator of, says that “publicly shared videos combined with geo-location data unlock great possibilities of exploring the world and getting a sense of what life is like in different places.”

Presenting Instagram Videos on a Map is More Engaging

He says putting the videos on a map brings a whole new dimension to how videos are presented, because “it’s not only about what videos show but also about where things happened.”

Filatov says you can get a sense of different cultures from the videos you see, because the “videos from Tokyo are very different from videos in Moscow and very different from what’s published in New York.”

The content on is curated so that only appropriate videos are seen that are relevant to the place and are connected to an event at the location. But the web-based app that you can open in a browser window also has a “live radar” that shows photos and videos based on your own location.

There’s also a “friends” mode that shows the Instagram posts of people you follow who are in your city. You can add other cities, in which case it’ll start showing the posts made by your Instagram followers in those cities too.


It’s early days yet, but if the tool becomes popular, businesses may seek to get more traffic to their videos by attempting to get them listed on’s map. Of course, all the videos shown on the map are curated, so it does need to be relevant to a location and preferably tied to a well-known event.

Painting a Picture of Places Like You Haven’t Seen Before

Filatov says the tool’s most striking feature is the way it paints a picture of places that you may have never been to, or provides a fresh look at places you may have visited in the past.

“Professional video content is cool but getting access to thousands of street videos captured on smartphones from around the world shows the real picture,” says Filatov. also lets you create collections, so that you have a batch of videos easily available for viewing again anytime you want. is a web-based app that’s in beta right now. But Filatov has plans to offer iOS and Android apps for smartphone and tablet users. He’s also working on allowing users to find videos based on specific categories such as sports and concerts, and as a professional tool for journalists looking for on-location content to go with a story.

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