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There was a time when enthralling people to go through newspaper advertisements was the best way to let the word out. With time, advertising underwent revolution, and we discovered better ways to engage customers. In an age where visually appealing things make it to the selling point, businesses are turning to video campaigns to let the world know about their awesome products and services. Although it sounds rosy keeping up with a viral video campaign can be a nightmare. What makes things tougher is to keep track of a video campaign, in other words, get a grip of the statistics.

While we were listing all the hurdles of a viral video campaign, a startup named Bravo made its advent in the app market. Ticking off all the issues, Bravo brings users that will boost your social media campaigns. Video recording is not just easy here, but you will also have stress-free statistics to use as well.

The Business point of view

“We all know how difficult it is to establish credibility on the web, and sometimes a text-based testimonial or reviews just won’t cut it” ~ Sean Rosensteel, Business Development Enthusiast at Bravo.

Bravo is an answer to your need of video testimonials. It is an easy and intuitive way to capture videos of your clients. Bravo aims at a B2C business model, where it lets you capture a raw and authentic videos of your customers.

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The other aspect of Bravo deals with engaging customers via video contests. Sean opines “As social engagement and video continue to be an important part of a larger organization’s online initiative, Bravo enables them to quickly launch user-generated video contests on-the-fly. Bravo’s video contest capabilities are fantastic – the video contest widget enables businesses to capture videos from their fans, while also allowing these fans to vote on their favorite videos”. You cannot ignore the power of social engagement. Comscore’s recent survey has showed people spend 87% of their time on social media portals. If you are not engaging them here, then you might be missing out on additional business opportunities! Add to the fact video has emerged to become the hottest medium on the web.

How to use Bravo? What else to look out for?

Bravo is incredibly straight-forward. You create a campaign (for video testimonials, video contests, product reviews, etc.) and then embed Bravo’s recorder on your website or social media property. From here, you market your campaign on your website, social media channels, newsletters, etc. It’s very similar to creating an email newsletter list. Simple to set up, but the fun really begins once your initiative gains some traction. Bravo is also mobile compatible. With Bravo, you can give a rest to managing large file attachments and video editing.

Bravo also offers a ‘Reseller Program’, providing resellers a 25% recruiting commission

Sean tells us ” We see a lot of web design and marketing agencies doing really well with this program, as they’re recommending our software to their own clients and then managing the user-generated video campaign for them. It’s a great opportunity for agencies and consultants to pick up a recurring fee for the software while also generating revenue for the management of the initiative.”

Initial days of Bravo

Sean and Karen Rosensteel co-founded Savvy Pro Web, a web marketing consultancy based in Chicago. Back in 2010, Savvy pro Web had launched a few user-generated video campaigns for their clients. However, the results were dismal. What followed next was a detailed scrutinizing and reviewing of the data. It was clear that most participants found it difficult to record video from their mobile phones and email it to a company. Minimizing the troubles of managing large file attachments and video editing, Bravo was developed in 2011 as an answer to all these problems. Bravo provides a solution to businesses by providing an easy way to capture and organize video from their customers, users and fans.

Team, Fund, Customer Acquisition and Pricing

Bravo has a small team of 6 people- Two co-founders, one customer support evangelist, two developers and one content creator. They are self-funded because they love to be agile, especially in the light of the heavy demands of on-going product development.

Sean recalls “When we first started, we had 5 customers. The customers came from our web marketing consultancy. With the help of these 5 customers, Bravo developed a stable product. They were constantly iterating and identifying which features were important for the actual product launch. “We’ve tried all sorts of marketing channels – including Google Adwords, Capterra, GetApp, re-targeting and more.However, we felt that it was simply too costly to continue paying for these clicks as our CPA was too high. Earlier this year, we deactivated all forms of paid advertising”. Concentrating more on blog strategy and satisfied with organic activities, Bravo is steadily moving forward in making video campaigns really viral.

GetBravo campaigns

On the pricing side, Bravo has multiple offers to suit your needs. The pricing varies between a free option, going all the way up to $399 per month. The Plus, which Bravo strongly recommends and also provides a free trial is priced at $199 monthly. It includes 10 users, 10 campaigns and 50 new videos submissions per month. For Startups, Bravo offers a Startup Program where they give away a 1-year subscription to the Plus Program to one startup every month. “The goal here is to help startups leverage online video to improve their website and social presence”, says Sean.

The Building experience

Bravo is beautifully designed and has a cohesive service that definitely comes as a breath of fresh air to any marketing team. It is built by marketers, for marketers. Bravo is more of a DIY platform and it does not require any initial setup or support. “Most customers are able to set up their first user-generated video campaign within 60 seconds or less” says Sean.

“Be prepared for a roller coaster! Some days feel like little victories, while others are incredibly challenging. The trick is to stay the course and never give up. Focus on product market fit and do whatever it takes to get there as quickly as possible” ~ Sean Rosensteel.

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