New features like NFC, wireless charging and big screen in iPhone 6


Apple’s iPhone 6 is brewing news before its launch scheduled this fall. News has it that iPhone 6 will have NFC (near field communication), an improved 4G antenna, coupled with wireless charging feature and a pretty huge screen. It doesn’t come as a surprise as Apple is trying to make a statement in the world of payment.

The new iPhone has not made it to the market yet. It is still residing in the labs where tests for speed, durability and network issues are being held. With the new iOS 8 OS that was announced in developers Conference sometime earlier this week, iPhone 6 will now join Samsung is the race for having the big screen!

NFC was almost there in iPhones in the previous round, when ultimately Apple decided to pull the plug in the last moment. At that moment, the mobile payments ecosystem was deemed to be essentially stratified and was also quoted to be immature enough to support NFC. While all said and done, this time Apple seems to be pretty determined to incorporate NFC, making payments through iPhone 6 work exactly as Google Wallet for Android phones work.

The rumour of Apple aligning itself with ISIS wireless payment standards is still not confirmed. ISIS wireless payment standards have a host of credit card companies and bank standing as its backbone. In face of this situation, it won’t come as a surprise if Apple goes with its own mobile payment standards. Needless to say, this will surely be a competition to both Google Wallet and ISIS. All we need to do is sit back and see who wins the competition!

A comparison between Apple and Google is inevitable, but if Apple is actually planning to throw an open challenge to Google wallet along with ISIS standards, it may give rise to some basic payment confusions. Mostly merchants like to stick to the standard payment feature that is dominant in the market. Unless they are sure of the dominance factor, it is hard to convince them to make a shift. To add to that, merchants prefer to make a shift from their point-of-sales only once, rather than sprinting from one to another.

LTE Radio speeds up

iPhone 5 series graces the mobile world with a Category 4 LTE radio that is capable of providing a connection of speed upto 150 megabits/second (mbps). If this seemed fast to you, hold on! iPhone 6 will have a much higher speed- almost 300 mbps. Although anything “advanced” enthrall us, this new radio is not an LTW Advanced version. However, it is big step in the ‘wireless’ category!

Forget Wires

Did you just come across a charging surface? Just put down your phone on it, and that’s it. Though it sounds amazing, yet adhering to any one standard becomes difficult for mobile makers; thanks to the various competing standards.

Apple, on the contrary is ready to put its commitment to a standard. However, we are not sure which standard wins Apple’s trust! VentureBeat quotes “…but the new iPhone 6 design includes a surface under the shell which connects to an inductive charging surface for energy transfer, our source revealed. These charging surfaces can live on a free standing pad, but are more often built into pre existing fixtures like countertops and dashboard trays”.

Bigger means better

iPhone’s hardware border seemed to stop it from having a large screen like the Android phones. Now, here is the news- Apple’s iPhone 6 will boast a big screen with smaller hardware border. The consumers’ calls are finally being addressed to- the high rising demand for big screens to watch videos or play games had piled up a lot of pressure on Apple. While Android phones with large screens stole hearts of consumers, now Apple will put its foot down to announce a large screen you simply cannot ignore. VentureBeat says “Some observers have predicted a new iPhone display with a pixel-tripling (3X) mode”. This means that we can surely keep an eye for a 1,704 x 960 resolution in iPhone 6. A whooping 150 percent increase in screen resolution while keeping the screen ratio to 16:9 is something worth the wait.

Also, the new iPhone screen will don a scratch-resistant covering.

Let all be mere Assumptions till Apple rings the final bell.

Nothing is marked as “confirmed” unless the new phone makes it to the market. Last time NFC was discarded at the last moment and we were asked to wait for it for some more time. The NFC radio may once more be rolled out of the checklist in the last minute if mobile payments ecosystem is not ready.

While iterations in Apple’s labs continue, we eagerly wait for this phone to make its advent in the market really soon.

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