Slingshot, a competitor to Snapchat was rolled out by Facebook accidentally

Facebook releases Slingshot app, an oops moment

Facebook is busy developing Snapchat’s new competitor, Slingshot. On Monday, the tech world got a hint of what’s coming when Facebook ‘accidentally’ published the early version of the software in the iOS app store. This app, which is separate from its own messenger app, is said to resemble Snapchat in its features. Although the sudden launch had it launched in select few countries, Facebook notified it as a mere accident. It may have happened that the developers might have set a wrong date or incorrect timezone for the launch. The Slingshot homepage showed the launch date to read as June 10,2014 which means that at the struck of midnight, it started launching itself in countries with early time zone. The app was available in Australia, Russia, India and New Zealand. U.S. users did not have access to the app. However, like its features, it was removed from the app store in a slingshot!

This app lets you share pictures (or video) with your friends. The catch is your friends will not be able to view it unless they send back a picture of their own as a response. To respond after receiving a message, a ‘react’ button has been included that will allow your recipients to snap their reactions and send it back to you in no time.

Like Snapchat, in Slingshot also you can draw images or write texts on your images before sharing it across. The messages disappear once you swipe it away, but we are still not clear as to what is the time limit till which an individual can view a message.

Facebook was quick to pull the plug and removed the app from the market. However, it is yet not known when the app will be rolled out, not by accident but for the real time. Facebook pulled down the curtains by saying “coming soon”. For now, Facebook chose to keep all news regarding the disappearing message chat app under wraps till the time is right.

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