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Top 5 super-effective Classes and Workshops on General Assembly This Weekend


No doubt you have plans for the weekend, but if you are willing to interrupt the mind-meld with your couch and television long enough to take a look at General Assembly, this could yet turn out to be the weekend that changes the course of your life. Continue reading

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The Basics of Laying Out an Office


Walking into an empty office space, it can be impossible to envision exactly how this bare room is going to manifest itself as a fully functioning office. Where will all the furniture go? What furniture will you need? How will you decide who goes where? Organising an office isn’t a precise science, but there are some delicate issues to consider when it comes to office psychology and layout. Continue reading

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10 Hottest Cities for Startups Worldwide (after Silicon Valley)


Silicon Valley has traditionally been the epicentre for startups in the world, but the rest of the globe has been catching up. The 3-4 ecosystems which have been breeding startup after startup have now been joined by other centres around the world which are proving to be fertile ground for entrepreneurs. Continue reading

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Coworking Basics: Does coworking mean increased competition?


Dear Anna,
I am a freelance graphic designer. At this point I have got a pretty great client list and regular work, though I still have slow times. I am definitely up for moving to a coworking space. But…what if the space has other graphic designers, aren’t we going to be competing for future clients? Continue reading

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Ask Anna Series: Choosing the right Coworking space


Dear Anna,
I have been working at home for the past 2 years. Its been pretty alright overall, but…when I meet friends I have nothing to talk about, the kids wonder in and out, and I realise that my network has stagnated.  Continue reading

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Rise of Coworking spaces-New study from Deskwanted reveals a coworking boom


Research released today from Deskwanted – the leading online portal for finding shared workspace – reveals a 89% rise in the number of shared workspaces in the world in the last 12 months. According to The Global Coworking Census*, conducted by Deskwanted, there are now 2498 coworking spaces around the globe, compared to just 1320 in February 2012, demonstrating a clear trend towards collaborative working environments. Continue reading

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Food Startups: Want to start a food business? Go get a truck!


What the hell? Did you not think this? You must have been thinking that food business is all about renting a space, contacting your real estate agents and what not apart from what you will be putting on the daily menu. Continue reading

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Techstars is yet to see the rise of a billion dollar company


In a span of ten years, Techstars has grown immensely not just as an incubator but a networked startup accelerator. Techstars has been on the rise ever since David cohen founded this.  Continue reading

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5 out of the world coworking spaces, changing the way you work


Co-working is the new movement that is redefining the way independent minds work. Working alone never gives one the interactive sessions or quick brainstorming sessions. Continue reading

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Escape The City offers an escapade to people who wants to get off the corporate hamster wheel


Escape the City helps ambitious professionals make exciting career transitions – we help our community of +70,000 escapees find exciting jobs, start businesses, and go on adventures. Rob Symington, the co-founder of Escape the City tells Startups.fm how they started up! Continue reading

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