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“SFM Storytellers Live Chat” with Alex Gonzalez, founder of Chatalog the online collaboration tool for better shopping decisions


When they launched, seed-funded startup Chatalog co-founder Natalie Gonzalez thought people would use the online social shopping tool to consult with their friends and family while shopping for clothes and fashion items. Continue reading

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NYC City Beat-A Handy Guide for those who want to startup in NYC


Just last month when we started chalking out our sketch on preparing a kickass handy startup guide on NYC, to be very frank, we went haywire at first! Being a startup ourselves, we definitely understand those so called “Starting” years of building a product (I consider it to be more like the ultimate “Do or Die” situation you can say) and how difficult it is to gather all the initial not-so-mattering-yet-important details Continue reading

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Rise of NYC as a startup hub, a prequel to the awesome Startup guide for NYC

Continue reading

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Cornell NYC Tech is the new face of the emerging NYC tech world


The world’s leading industries are undergoing transformation with the advent of technology. And New York City is the core place where everything tech is happening at a large scale! Continue reading

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Top 5 super-effective Classes and Workshops on General Assembly This Weekend


No doubt you have plans for the weekend, but if you are willing to interrupt the mind-meld with your couch and television long enough to take a look at General Assembly, this could yet turn out to be the weekend that changes the course of your life. Continue reading

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ad:tech Spotlight Series: An Endeavor To Recognize the Best Digital Startup


Your mind is brimming with ideas. You passion for digital media is bursting at the seams. And you do have a competent team ready to execute your lofty business plans. Here’s some good news. You can pitch for billions of dollars in brand marketing power at Startup Spotlight Series, Continue reading

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“I know how to make decisions and stand up to the criticism every day.” ~ Michael Bloomberg


Michael R. Bloomberg was born on February 14, 1942 in Boston, Massachusetts. Seventy years on, he is now the 7th richest person in America with a net worth of $27 billion, an achievement topped off by an epic stint of three terms as arguably the most successful mayor of New York City. Continue reading

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Soaring office rentals in NYC, courtesy tech start-ups


Some incredible revelations by a report released by a real estate services company CBRE suggest that Asia dominates world’s most expensive office spaces. According to the survey, Hong Kong continues to rule the roost, while London and Beijing have also joined the ranks of the top most overall occupancy cost. Interestingly, America’s financial nerve centre New York City that is also home to the world’s largest stock exchange Continue reading

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Placemeter plays with Big Data to Measure Places, real time information about places near you


Big Data is the new IT at present, just like mobile phones were in the middle of 2000. The prevalence of large, dense data sets and tools to analyze them, is simply becoming one of the new de-facto layers of the computation stack. Continue reading

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Meals on Wheels in NYC: Wobbly or Firm?


New York City – the global power city that never sleeps and yet loves to eat. So there we have an institution in itself – the concept of meals on wheels. You can see colorful food trucks mushrooming in the city whipping up a variety of cuisines for different tastes and appetites. Just take your pick – Mexican, Greek, Korean or Indian. Or is it those fierce desserts cravings? Continue reading

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