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Buy. Sell. Split.

Appsplit offers multiple services to the world of applications. For the first time in history, consumers have a marketplace for buying and selling app source code and rights.

The company offers the first of its kind app management service, where it takes over the responsibilities of supporting, marketing and promoting applications. Going further Appsplit also partners up with investors and entrepreneurs in developing various applications.

In short Appsplit is an online portal where people can buy, sell, split and even customize applications. Here one can find more than 500,000 apps, which can be used on various platforms like Blackberry, Facebook, Symbian, Windows Phone, Palm, Android, iOS, etc. As a whole, the company focuses on providing high end services related to applications.

At present the company is lead by Hussein Yahfoufi (President). Appsplit is a completely self funded business, which was founded in 2010. The website appsplit.com went live in January 2011.

One might perceive Appsplit as a new kid in the block. But given the market they ventured into, their high end services and positive response from people, the company definitely looks very promising. In an interview with Mr. Hussein Yahfoufi, President Appsplit, he said “We could not have asked for a better launch than what we got so far. Appsplit has been getting a lot of buzz online and we’ve been featured on multiple websites and news stories.”

Hussein Yahfoufi, “Our goal is to be the defacto company for anyone looking to buy or sell apps or for anyone looking for an app management company. In two years we hope that Appsplit becomes a recognizable name within the industry and the first place someone would go to when looking for information on apps. Our hope is to keep the momentum going and grow as the apps market matures.”

According to Hussein, their target market would be anyone looking for buying or selling applications or for an app management company, be it developers, investors, app owners or entrepreneurs; appsplit.com makes the right destination for them. appsplit also offers a high end online platform to sell and buy. To this Hussein Yahfoufi says, “Developers interested in only the creative process now have a means for selling the rights to their mobile applications at an auction or for a fixed price. Investors can now also sell their applications or expand their application portfolios.” Their split program is the USP for investors as well as developers who belong to the mobile application vertical.

When it comes to market competition, there are no direct competitors to Appsplit as of now. However, there is always eBay for buying and selling but there are no companies that specialize in marketing apps.

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