Want the best seats in the house? Look to Pogoseat!


“Take me out to the ball game / Take me out with the crowd,” goes the old song. Who doesn’t love a nail biting game of baseball or a football game that leaves you on the edge of your seat? Except, a lot of the time, the seats aren’t really the best. So you look around to see if luck has favored you and there are better seats miraculously empty somewhere in the neighborhood, and sneak your way there. You watch the rest of the game in mounting suspense, looking over your shoulder for the usher, hoping to escape their steely gaze and the embarrassment of being turfed from that prime seat which isn’t really yours. This is what happened at a Nationals game in DC to Evan Owens, cofounder of Pogoseat. A SF-based startup whose innovative new app lets you find better seats at live events, Pogoseat is disrupting the way we upgrade seats for sports and other entertainment events.

The best seats, without having to pay a bomb

Warriors-vs-BullsPogoseat uses GPS tracking to determine your location and then shows you a comprehensive map of the seats available around you. You can then upgrade to your new seats in an instant, paying the difference via Paypal, Amazon, or if you are old school, just your credit card. The seats are dynamically priced, so the closer you are to the time the event ends, the better priced your new seats will be. According to cofounder Abel Cuskelly, “Pogoseat has built an upgrade-pricing algorithm that’s based on the difference in face value between a fan’s original ticket and his new Pogoseat, and any discounts applied to the new seat by team or venue based on the amount of time remaining in the game, score and other variables. However, Pogoseat’s partners control pricing and can price upgrades to whatever best suits their needs .” Everyone wins in the deal – you get better seats without having to pay a bomb, the team or venue makes more money, and Pogoseat takes a share of the upgrade revenue generated.

From sports to Broadway shows

The Golden State Warriors were the first team to integrate Pogoseat in their ticketing app, followed by Stanford Men’s Basketball and The Detroit Pistons. Plans to rollout with teams from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS next year are in motion, as well as an expansion of their service to include other forms of live entertainment such as musicals, concerts and more. Their partnership with Broadway San Diego is the first step of this expansion. Pogoseat is currently also partnered with ticketing services like Ticketmaster, Tickets.com and Futuretix.

The Angelpad experience

Pogoseat-MobileAppThe app was chosen as the “Next Wave Shopping and Commerce Winner” at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit in Austin last year and selected as one of the Angelpad Spring startups of 2013. With reference to Angelpad, Cuskelly said: “It was an amazing learning experience. We were provided great coaching by the founders and were able to really prepare ourselves to go fundraising, and we also got to work with other amazing startups learning from one another.” From just a concept in its founder’s head to actually rolling out with major professional sports franchises, Pogoseat has had a remarkable journey so far, and we can only expect greater things yet to come.

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