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Philip Pullman, author of The Golden Compass says “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world”. Story is what we are, what we think, what we share! We have so much to tell to the world, and so many ways to do so. The most profound being pictures! Every click captures a story in itself. When you roll the camera you recall those stories and narrate to others while showing them the pictures.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an app that can narrate stories from your snap shots? Or, to be precise, storify your moments while you are enjoying at a place, incorporating every detail you would like the world to know about that picture? Dallas based startup, Adam & Luna launches their first product,’Story app’ this summer to make storytelling more fun, more instant.

It all started when looking for a soul

Co-Founders Sean Everett, Tragnark and Jerod Chirico wanted to make something that would have a soul in it. Sean Everett calls it ‘ a combination of photo social network with a choose-your-own adventure movie with a social game’. The ‘human’ tinge is very well reflected in the name itself- Adam & Luna. Everett says “what’s more human than naming your company after the two characters whose values we aspire to achieve. Adam & Luna isn’t just a name of the company, it represents two characters in the story behind ‘Story App’, the struggle they had, and what they had to build in order to continue to be together, even across time and space.”


People keep asking- “hey! how was your day?”. Need a creative way to answer? Just share your story via Story app. Story app does not bring random pictures together, neither does it have any hashtags for it. It does not establish itself as a voice recorder from the 80s. It connects the 7 billion people on this earth with one thing -”the story”.

Make your pictures “talk”

You click pictures. You save them as memories. Story app makes your memories more interesting and well, updated too! You cannot be at that same place at the same time. Does that mean you let go off the story of your picture? You do not need to reflect back and narrate what all happened when the picture was captured. You can record your voice narrating your story with that picture with Story app, and tell the world instantly. Hence, you have you picture saved with the story pinned to it.

Adam&Luna-story-appAdam & Luna will launch an iPhone version first for Story app. Story App creators are already working on a web app that will allow pro users to upload large amounts of images, storyboards, or slides from their computer and attach live recordings, audio files, and music over the top of the entire story or individual image. But that will come later because they’re likely going to implement pro features in our iPhone app first. Motion and animation software was introduced in the mainstream by iOS7. Adam & Luna took this a step further by putting into use the skills they have learned from the classic Disney Animators. Adam & Luna’s concept artist Tragnark says “ We’ve remixed it into a new character named Kiiy, who reacts to your touch with real human emotions”.

Reach out for branding as well

Adam & Luna also caters to branding on the web. They are already associated with Marcus & Boxerman, and Ruda Cohen & Associates. Understanding the needs of the brands is the key word for them. Decades of management consulting, freelancing and agency work has made them capable to judge the needs and wants of brands. Once they know that, they add their own unique touch of “last 3%” which makes them stand out among others.
Story App will be a paid application when it comes to the pro-version. In a recent press release of Adam & Luna, Sean Everett talks about “3 for free”, that is, three photos can be uploaded for free, each with three seconds time for narration. The pro features of story app will be power-packed and is sure to create buzz.


Traditional funding and remote working on it’s way

Adam & Luna is a proud startup going the traditional way as far as funding is concerned. Talking about the funding details Everett says, “what’s the point in taking the easy road when the one less traveled is so much more fun”. He kind of echoed the lines from Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’.

Adam & Luna houses a remote team. Officially they are incorporated in Texas, but their team profile travels all the way from the West coast to the East coast to overseas.They came up with this idea because it solved their own problems too.


Your pictures will be no less than an epic tale with Story App. Are you ready to pen down your story? Get your “Story app” this summer!

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