Top 5 Startup jobs that will make you go crazy


There are startups emerging everyday and startups with successful stories behind them. Those that are small will become big tomorrow. All they are looking out for are some good team members. Here’s a list of top 5 job openings that we think are appealing and interesting for you. Have a look:



Seedstars World Team Member 2014

Seedstars-WorldYou must be thinking your love for traveling will be curbed with a new job, because that will demand you to be static at one place. Well, the good news is here. Seedstars World Startup Competition is scheduled to happen in February 2014. Swiss-based company Seedstars has taken an initiative to find the best tech/ web/ mobile startups in the world. They are looking out for a team member who is willing to travel around the world in emerging countries (all inclusive), organize worldwide event with great visibility, meet awesome startups, investors, entrepreneurs and so many wonderful people across the world. You will be given the responsibility of preparing and shaping the 2014 edition. You will be in charge of selecting the countries to travel and keep moving for 6 months. Organizing various pitching events in various cities of the world, getting connected to regional partners, bringing together a world class jury for the event and select the best startups.

Skills required

  • English Native or comfortable with English at a professional level (French and German will be an add on, and highly appreciated).
  • Passionate about startups, web/tech industry and entrepreneurship.
  • Extremely addicted to traveling, discovering new things, meeting people and interacting with ease.
  • HTML and WP knowledge (Video Editing is again appreciated).

f6s Coder Gigs is a place where you can search about startup events/jobs/incubators/ conferences/contests/etc. However, its f6s searching for co-founder technical staff in London, UK who are focussed, can deliver high performance, be comfortable in working in a team, have deep love for startups and has a passion to grow big. f6s has grown quite steadily since September 2011 and is now a home to 100+ countries. Still they like to call themselves a startup. The good part of the job is that you can apply as a single gig or a team of gigs!

Mixcloud | Fast Moving Web Developer

Mixcloud-LogoMixcloud is looking out for an enthusiastic and fast paced web developer to join their dynamic team.

Basic requirements:

  • Dynamic/scripting language experience (Mixcloud uses Python).
  • JavaScript experience.
  • HTML and CSS knowledge.
  • Comfortable to work in UK is extremely important.
  • If you have Django experience, Facebook integration experience, jQuery skills, Linux experience and you are an open-source software author, then bonus points are in store for you!

OpenSignal | Designer/FrontEnd Dev

OpenSignal-LogoPhotoshop, Illustrator and CSS- if you have these three under your command, then this job is exactly what you are looking for. Experience with javascript, d3 and HTML5 will be ideal, but not mandatory. You will be designing for mobile apps and websites of all sorts of screen sizes. OpenSignal looks forward to a really cool portfolio that can be taken as a proof of your work! OpenSignal wishes to become the global authority on wireless networks. Ther are engaged in creating database of cell phone towers, signal strength readings and wi-fi access points around the world.

GSynergy | Web App Developer

Gsynergy-LogoAre you an app developer by day and night as well? Drop in your resume at GSynergy and join the team to give your developer instincts a good boost. Skills demanded is very straight and simple- Javascript on the client and the server. All you need to do is put in your skills and develop software that works marvelously and looks great! GSynergy is a startup with just 2 employees. You can join in and be a part of the growing company and grow yourself. Today’s small startup is tomorrow’s big shot! If you are willing to share the fame stage of tomorrow, apply for it today!

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