Contactually is an intelligent CRM tool that not only tells you who to contact but how to contact them


Imagine if you could have a personal assistant in your pocket which would not only help you keep in touch with all the important people in your network, but even tell you how to keep in touch with them? Well, that’s exactly what Contactually does. Founded in January 2012, the Washington, DC startup makes a simple and intuitive CRM tool for email which works with any IMAP connected account, such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and many others. They even have Outlook and Google Apps plugins, so that you can import their service directly into your inbox.

A CRM tool for the social generation

Contactually is a CRM tool, revamped for the social media generation – it imports information from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Tumblr, Skype, Quora, Klout, Flickr and many other accounts with which you can fill out detailed contact cards. This, however, is not all that it is useful for. Their newly relaunched platform, Contactually 2.0, will not only show you a comprehensive database of social information related to your contacts, but also tell you how to contact them – what articles to share with them, what emails to write to them, how to comment on their social network updates, and much more.


Generating essential referrals through social media

The key to generating referrals on a social network is personally messaging contacts at scale. This is Contactually 2.0’s primary focus – with content sharing, social personalization, email templates and introductions, you can send introductions to anyone in your network, along with a thoughtful message from your own email with just a few clicks. The platform also lets you store relevant articles and links and share them repeatedly with your network within seconds. And finally, users can create reusable email templates for frequent business interactions. Thanks to the inclusion of dynamic fields, the templates automatically populate key personal information such as name, job title, and company, drastically reducing the time needed to follow up. All of these features are highly personalized and show that you’re in tune with the interests and passions of the people in your network – as a result, the relevance of your messages goes up exponentially. And sending personalized one-on-one messages speedily, and at the right time, is far more effective than blasting your database with one standardized piece of communication. Contactually also comes integrated with other CRMs such as SugarCRM, CapsuleCRM, Producteev, and MailChimp.


“Let us blow this up for you”

Back in March this year, the company closed a $1 million seed round, which, in fact, was oversubscribed. Contactually’s startup journey has been an exhilarating one – from an idea that was born out of CEO Zvi Band’s personal frustrations with existing CRMs, to their incubation with 500 Startups where Paul Singh offered to “blow this up”, to their latest seed round – they have gone from strength to strength, with a current user base in the tens of thousands and a 30% growth in revenue month over month.


Their ultimate goal is to become the personal assistant that would help people keep in touch with important contacts in their network. With their track record of successes on top of successes, Contactually is certainly not far from achieving that goal.

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