This week’s top 5 movies that have been inspiring entrepreneurs over the years


StartupsFM is back with “Movies Inspiring Entrepreneurs”. Like we keep saying, anything that is conceived visually has a long lasting effect. When it comes to movies, the dialogues, music, characters- all together as a package entertains us. However, there are movies that are not just entertainment packages but inspirational for entrepreneurs. There are movies whose stories have been inspiring entrepreneurs from the time they got released. Top 5 movies of this week are:

The Godfather 1 & 2

This movie is an example of how to become a powerful business family in a country. Although the movie has ‘crime’ as its central theme, yet this movie has all the elements an entrepreneur can learn to reach to the top. The Godfather with his son Michael Corleone are the brains of the family, and it gives you a glimpse of what it takes to become the largest organized crime in New York City.

Boiler Room

Money and greed vs morals and legality- This movie explores the decisions you need to take in such a critical situation. Seth Davis, a Queens College dropout enters stockbroking profession to impress his father. It is here that he realizes the potential ways of earning. Seth faces two roads- one leads to greed and money, and the other to moral and legality. In business, at times entrepreneurs also face such moral dilemmas. This movie teaches you how to tackle these situations! It is a must movie for an entrepreneur and also for all those who want to reach the sky. There’s a lot more sacrifices before you attain the glory!


Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire starts with Jerry having everything- business, beautiful partner, best clients and a good life. His journey starts when he takes a step back to sit and question all that he has. The world turns its back to him, and Jerry is left with no one but his very volatile client Rod Tidwell. Jerry now starts to ponder upon what he had, what he lost and why did he lose. This time Jerry analyses what is important to his work and life, and works in getting them all back, but in the right way! This movie is a treat to watch, and is immensely inspiring for all entrepreneurs. You need to sit back and think on what you are doing, whether it is right or not, even if you are on top!

This movie sees the rise and fall of a media company on the web! Entrepreneurs turn to this movie now and then to understand what it takes to conceptualize a dream and live it in reality, how friendship and business takes a toll on your life, competition to be on top and ambition to do that- has everything in it. A ‘dotcom’ company is not an easy build!

The call of The Entrepreneur

The other name for business is “risk”. The call of an Entrepreneur shows three men- a dairy farmer, a merchant banker and a refugee from Communist China. The movie explores the risk each undertook- one risked his farm, one risked his entire life and one risked his savings! This documents stories of three entrepreneurs who risked their all to become what they are! This documentary is a must watch for every entrepreneur who wants to understand the shaping of this entrepreneurial world and wish to do something for this planet.

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