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Telling stories through illustrations had begun long back in 113 AD with Rome’s Trajan’s Column. From primitive times to Modern age, illustrations have moved from rocks to pages! The pioneer to add texts with illustrations came from Rodolphe Töpffer, a Francophone Swiss artist in 19th Century. There was revolution going on everywhere- be it computer or internet.

This web is a large world, and it does have everything. So how can it not have comics? People are Googling for having fun! In such a web-a-holic situation, Tapastic has come up with a platform where all webcomics around the world are stored for you. Based in Santa Clara, CA this startup understands the disappointments when you search for a single place where all your favorite comics are available and don’t get it! Founder and CEO Chang Kim passed this same condition. Unable to find a single platform, he decided to build one for the world.

Why WebComics?

Tapastic-founder-Chang-KimWebcomics are essentially great stories told with amazing visuals, and Chang Kim believes great stories are at world’s every corner and not just in certain places. Do you have a story to tell to people? Do you wish to have it through illustrations? Tapastic is a platform where you can come and create your story, publish them using simple and complex tools. Tapastic targets some of the best story tellers- indie comic artists. Tapastic is a global platform on which indie comic artists can self-publish their amazing visual stories and build community of fans around the world. If you are a reader, you can come over and read your favourite comic in your “own” language (which are available for selected series). Tapastic bookmarks your comic strip right at the place you stop reading, so that when you come back the next time you don’t have to search or recall where you left.

With the growth of internet and blogging, new techniques came up for hosting webcomics. Kim calls this generation “digital natives” as digital consumption of comics on the web became a norm. For example, in countries like Korea, its not just a norm but a phenomenon. Tapastic intents to make independent comics accessible, to keep down the barriers to and encourage discovery of new “Snackable” comic-style content an American already loves but may not have discovered it yet. Most of the other companies have made it easy to digitally consume comics we already know. That is where Tapastic prefers to vary!


Tapastic is one of its’ kind

Tapastic has got various features that make this an interesting platform for comic creators as well as readers. Readers can create a profile from which they can subscribe to comics they love and receive notifications on any updates regarding the same. The ‘bookmarking’ feature of Tapastic is not restricted to subscribed readers only, every reader logging in can come back next time to read from where he/she left. Creators have more than one exciting features. There are simple tools like Scheduling, setting up episodes to post at a later date, and more complex tools like SoundCloud integration where creators can add appropriate audio to enhance webcomics into multimedia. The ‘publisher dashboard’ undergoes changes based on the feedback Tapastic team receives from these creators! Every round of development has integration of new capabilities and an enhancement of those already existing.

The Comic Party has Begun!

Every tool in Tapastic is unique, but Kim likes to tag ‘browsing and content discovery’ as Tapastic’s strongest features. With funding of $750,000 and backing from 500 Startups, SK Planet and many more names, this startup now have a collection of comic strips, some of them being “Gamer’s Paradise”, “Korean Webtoonz”, “Crazy.Stupid.Fun.”, “Terrifying Tales” and many more. Chang says “ It’s a great place to start ‘snacking’ on our creators’ webcomics or return to discover new content. Almost like themed tapas samplers in visual story form”.

Watch the exclusive preview of an episode of Randomphilia that will go live on Aug 15,2013.


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