Japanese Startup AppSocially Packs In Promise


In this wired world with millions of apps waiting to get downloaded, there are some that manage to create instant buzz in the mobile space. AppSocially is one such Japanese startup developed as a mobile application tool for developers who want to incorporate customer-produced functions into their applications in order to monitor usage.Its founder Yusuke Takahashi had been toying with an idea to start out on his own and one day he decided to follow his instincts. Much to his wife’s shock, he gave up his cushy job of a university professor and donned the entrepreneur’s hat.

His journey from Japan to San Franscisco in the quest of more ideas, a chance encounter with Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Blank’s The Four Steps to the Epiphany and constant perseverance were a few factors that made him realize his lofty goals.

Mobile organic growth

AppSocially is a user-friendly tool for mobile app developers to integrate customer-acquisition functions into their apps. It also helps keep track of “actionable” viral metrics.

Takahashi, who is also a prolific writer and an avid bike road racer says that it was for sheer customer development that her created AppSocially. He says, “having AppSocially is like having a mobile-focused ‘user growth team as a platform.’ The idea is to implement referral mechanism, track referral metrics and optimize referral landing pages.”


“One can install this app quickly, measure predefined metrics and test different designs with this tool whereas, it will take others months and tons of skills and knowledge to do the same,” he adds.

Takahashi also says that AppSocially is like ShareThis for mobiles. He was clearly inspired by Stripe, a mobile app that makes it easy to accept payments on any platform. He says, “Each time we need some functionalities or documentation, they (Stripe) have already prepared them in an awesome manner. We want to do something similar. Every time people need a referral mechanism on mobile apps, we are here and what they need and want to know is always ready.”

Participated in Batch 6 of 500 Startups

As one of the most promising startups from the current batch of 500 startups, their success story in own words is scripted by sheer hard work. He says, “this is not something they give us, we keep working hard to get this chance.”


Post the 2011 Tsunami disaster, Japan is now definitely showing signs of hope and growth. Takahashi says that it is now much easier to start out a venture than before and ‘if you do it the right way you have a lot of chance.’

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