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So do you want a cell phone with wider buttons for easier texting experience or it’s the camera that you use more? Do you like the slider phone or the basic candybar ones? Or is it time that you shift to the touch screen with Android? Well if you have a galaxy of questions crossing your mind regarding your next mobile phone purchase, then checking out PriceBaba may help calm your nerves!The aptly named Mr Know-It-All PriceBaba is an intelligent online shopping platform that helps users search, explore, compare and buy phones – all under one roof. The location based search engine allows shoppers to browse prices in their neighborhood and then buy offline. That means you get the best deal on handsets without reaching out to myriad phone dealers – sitting in the comfort of your home. The venture was also inspired by the recent Google India survey that points out that 70% of offline shoppers conduct a preliminary product research online before visiting a store.

The gadget freak

Pricebaba-UstaadjiHelmed by Mumbai-based mobile phone aficionados Annkur Agarwal and Tirthesh Ganatra, the 10-member strong team of this venture aims to heighten the online shopping ease. Agarwal’s prior experience comes handy as he has written extensively about consumer electronics on OnlyGizmos, a website he launched in 2008. The site gained instant popularity among users owing to its unbiased recommendations and up to date perspectives on consumer technology. It is only after he was inundated by users’ queries he decided to give form and shape to PriceBaba.

The business model

PriceBaba provides listing of the phones on the site and make their money from retailers and brands. “I haven’t learnt so much in the 11 years of my experience in the Internet domain as much I’ve learnt since we started PriceBaba in 2011,” says Agarwal. Spanning across seven cities and still counting, there are already over 700 retailers in Mumbai that are listed on the site currently. “We have grown over 350 percent this year and we’re doing about 40 percent MoM,” he adds. The smart disciples are working very hard to add at least 50 percent users to their subscriber base month on month.


The global perspective

In a recent announcement, PriceBaba is now a 500 Startups company and came out from the previous batch. Agarwal and his partner started with personal savings and borrowing from family and eventually raised seed investment from Silicon Valley based 500 Startups.


Interestingly, Baba in Hindi language means holy and trustworthy. PriceBaba is pulling out all the stops to live up to its name while delivering maximum user advantage. The founders very clearly state on the website: “The price advised by PriceBaba is the best bargain price. And the best price may not always be the lowest price. What that means is that you may bargain for that price when buying from a local retailer in the real world. Our focus is not to push deals from merchants offering the lowest price, rather we believe in giving our users the most relevant prices in their city.”

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