Five Coolest Gadgets from’The Gadget Flow’ this week adding a zest to your daily chores


The home for gadget lovers is doing lots of subtle yet remarkable changes to make you keep going ga-ga over the gadgets like never before! ‘The Gadget Flow’ is like a break from the day to day creak and boring gadgets we use. You can have an awesome time browsing through their collection and no worrying about hanging up mid way! The UI has become more appealing than ever. Tune in for a clean, sleek and streamlined look! Average loading time has reduced to 1.6 seconds only, so now you are rid of all speed-bumps. Express your feedback about each gadget immediately after you see it- where? right there!


‘The Gadget Flow’ has grown with time to introduce useful pages like Media Kit, Feedback, Support pages and more. With so much happening at the gadget hub, StartupsFM lists five awesome gadgets of this week for you.

Star Wars R2-D2 Bottle Opener


Inspired from the cult of Star Wars, ‘The Gadget Flow’ showcases their Star Wars Storm Trooper Spatula, R2-D2 Soy sauce dispenser bottle and now we showcase an opener with almost similar name. Just keep $15 dollar handy! You might helplessly click on the ‘buy’ option.

Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy Maker


$40 only, and you can have cotton candies melting in your mouth. Oh! Are you worried about calories? The Gadget Flow worked that out for you! Just dive into mouthful candies without worrying about calories. Time to be a kid again!

Mood Light Garden Deco Balls


How about having stylish decor for your outside pool throughout the year? Hail the Mood Light Garden Deco Balls. Stay stylish, stay ‘lighted up’ at just $39.

iPad Mini Sleve by Octovo


Octovo’s custom-made Italian vegetable re-tanned leather is the new clothing for your iPad mini, ofcourse with its gadgety touch. Only $250 and your iPad will receive its luxurious treatment it deserves.

Woodbuds iPhone Cases


The world’s turning to eco-friendly means. When its your iPhone, why not treat it with Woodbuds iPhone 5 Case. Its sleek, stylish and original. At a price of $48, your iPhone is safe within this hardwood protective case.



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