Website translation becomes more accurate with Dakwak, one of the #500strong this year


What happens if you visit a website and is unable to read it because of not being familiar with the language it’s written in? What do you do when your website having content written in English needs to be catered to some regional location where the only way to communicate is their regional language, and you don’t have a resource to make one for them? Learning a second language is indeed a time taking affair! Hiring someone to translate it and re-writing it again is again an expensive idea! At such a juncture, what you look forward to is a podium where effortless translations can happen within seconds. It would be wrong to say that there is no place where translations cannot happen on the web- but a translation that is exact, error free and complete- is definitely still lacking. However, there seems to be positive light on this with Dakwak coming in the limelight, a Jordan based startup with its easy-machine-error-free-translation features!

From Egypt to Jordan

Dakwak-founder-Waheed-BarghouthiThe story starts from a conference on “How to Grow Online Arabic Content” happening at Egypt where Founder and CEO, Waheed Barghouthi was present. It was then he had an idea of creating a very simple tool that easily translates other languages into Arabic, that would eventually help in growing the content. But now, it’s not just Arabic, Dakwak works practically for all languages.

Duck-quack goes Digital

Business Development Manager Hani Morrar introduced us with the “quacky” story of Dakwak. To make it simple it is broken down to Duck and Quack, the sound of a duck! You must be wondering why a duck sound? Morrar tells “The sound of the duck is universal and ducks all over the globe travel and speak to each other freely. That’s what we are trying to do with digital communication”.


Dakwak gives you a complete solution for not just translating your website, but having it live, hosted, SEO friendly in 60 languages, and running under your domain name without a single line of code.

Reverse proxy technology that works on any kind of website

There are many machines translation engines as well as translation agencies across the world. However, getting your website running in at least 3 languages is a huge technical challenge, and to maintain it is an even bigger headache. Dakwak is more or less like a balm for that headache! It helps you run your website in several languages, increasing the geography of your target audience manifold times! Whether it is static, dynamic, has Javascript, JSON- Dakwak is a reverse proxy technology that works on any kind of website.

Dakwak is not about machine translation only

Dakwak does not solely rely on machine translation. They provide their users either with an intuitive CMS to manage the translations of their websites, or, with a click button they can have their content translated by a professional human translator, and automatically have it published on their website. This exact workflow of having a professional translator working on your content and publishing it automatically on your site is what makes Dakwak unique.

Dakwak is getting Ready to Come Under The spotlight

Dakwak recently became a member of the 500 Startups Team and have secured their seed investment. Experience at 500 Startups has been amazing for Dakwak people. Morrar says “It was like being in a huge extended family, but with different cultures and backgrounds”.


At present, final touches on the product are going on after client acquisition. Next step will be serving the masses! With some loyal clients like,,, already pinned to Dakwak, this Jordanian startup in Amman will bring the world more closer which is otherwise scattered due to language barriers!


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