Change your style everyday with Wea(r)ther, the one-stop mobile app for weather forecast and apparel suggestion


At StartupsFM we are constantly hunting for startups who are trying to solve small problems making our daily lives better. We believe that every problem has a startup. So did Ronald Suwandi, founder of an amazing weather app- that not only gives you the weather temperature but also provides you with suggestions on what to wear. The idea is to give users a quick take on which item to wear so that users can spend the time to focus on something more productive.

There is no way you can manipulate weather conditions, but when it comes to your clothes- you can make perfect decisions of what to wear. Sydney based startup Wearther is all game to help you decide what to wear according to the weather.

The Wea(r)ther Story

Wearther-founder-Ronald-SuwandiThe story starts in about April 2013 at Sydney. On some day of April, temperature outside was 20 celsius but it was really cold, windy and cloudy. Few days after that, Founder of Wearther, Ronald Suwandi and his wife decide to go for shopping. The temperature read 20 Celsius but there was no wind and it was sunny. Since few days back with the same temperature it was cold, the couple pulled out their wool winter jackets. However, needless to say the weather condition played ‘hot’ tricks- With wool winter jackets in that weather, they really looked out of place!

The Team and Features

Wearther has a creative team working to reduce your dress-selecting time. Ronald’s wife Stephanie Lee is the main designer and is also responsible for the whole user interface/experience. Another member in the team is Enrico Susatyo who provides various advices on processes and help out with testing.

wearther-mobile-app  Wearther-mobile-app-for-weather-forecast-and-apparel-suggestion

Wearther is not for ‘weather’ geeks. It is not a detailed weather forecasting app. Wearther does not resemble apps like or willy weather- It helps you in deciding what clothing will suit the outside weather. You might as well come across new clothing combinations. Merged with a simple, intuitive and beautiful interface, Wearther aims to stand out in the app competition. Few features that make this app unique are :

  • Optimizer that calculates the clothing combination.
  • Mobile-first design approach.

Founder Ronald wishes to implement many more features like:

  • Female clothing items.
  • Colour-matching, depending on the season. For example: It won’t show bright colors during winter.
  • Integrate with online shops for users to buy items.
  • According to the users’ preferences, modifications will continue to happen.

So, now you can leave your home feeling just right because Wearther takes care of all your guesswork at a blazingly fast speed. The other amazing feature is- It’s coming for free!

Wearther is Gearing up for it’s Launch, Soon


Wearther is currently being tested on iOS 6 and 7. However, being a web based app, Wearther will work on any phones with HTML5-compliant browser. At this moment, this app is in its beta stage. With immense support from people in Fishburners and experiencing the charm of working in coworking spaces, Ronald and his team is gearing up to launch Wearther- where weather and clothes are complementary to each other!

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