Never put down your sandwich with LeapTouch, the brand new browser extension for your Leap Motion device


Did you just put down your sandwich because you had to do some work on your computer? Ah! Its so sad when you need let go off your favorite sandwich suddenly! We at StartupsFM also don’t like to compromise with our food! You must be wondering why are we talking about sandwiches all of a sudden. Its because, StartupsFM team happened to have a small chat with Murray Hurps and Ronald Suwandi- Founders or inventors of Leap Touch. They described it as “Ten fingers, two hands and one huge leap”- Yes, it is indeed a big leap.


It all started on a Hack Day

Leap Motion app has already taken computer experience to a new level. While we were raving about our touch phones, tactile sensation shifted its base to a new height with Leap Touch, an extended browser version for your Leap Motion device.

Fishburners-Sydney-coworking-spaceLeap Touch happened on a Leap Motion hack day at Fishburners where almost 20 people came in with their apps. Speaking of Fishburners, the founders of Leap Touch have quoted “There’s always something going on here, and everyone here is a similar kind of person that loves what they do”. The problem with most apps was- bounce rate was not decreasing.

Controlling computer without using keyboard and mouse isn’t a new concept today. But, stretching out your arm and controlling your machine is not a wonderful idea after some time. Its more of torturing your hand. Rather than stretching out their arm in mid air, any person would go for a mouse and keyboard combo instead. So, Murray and Ronald thought of distilling the interaction into a minimal list of simple, reliable gestures. The end result would be giving away people something that will make their device useful on a daily basis. To add on, the idea does sound cool!


‘Motion’ extended to browsing

Leap Touch has ‘motion’ extended to browsing. You can just wave your hand, point at a link and click it without having to touch the screen. Leap Touch is not looking for a use on a daily basis but occasionally you can let your hands take a break! A week more and the celebratory sandwich will be ready to ship!

When StartupsFM asked Murray and Ronald about their future plans since its already in Chrome Stores, they told us :”We’ve been watching the browser split on the website, and Chrome is definitely the vast majority of visitors from non-biased sources. Tied for second place is Firefox and Safari (each around 14%), so our next targets will be ports to these browsers”.While Leap Motion has a price of $79.99 the ‘touch’ app comes for free. “we just want to provide something that helps realize the daily-use potential of the device”.

Once you have seen the video on this or have been lucky enough to experience it, we can guarantee nothing will catch your attention more than this. You will see it, you will take out time to understand it and then, without fail you will want to have it for yourself. When mobile phones went from keypads to touch, people were crazy about them- they just wanted a touch-phone. It was a revolution almost in the mobile industry. Leap Touch can be regarded to be standing on the edge of such a revolution. When we read the reviews of those who have used the extension, we knew another touch-revolution has already taken up motion!

To enjoy this motion-sensing experience while browsing, download LeapTouch from the Chrome Web Store today!



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