What happens when social media sites go down for more than a minute? Panic is the word!


If you are not working, then definitely you are glued to social media channels! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and so many others- after all it’s so important to share “what’s on your mind” or show what are your new clicks. Whether you are a student, housewife or working person, there is no way you are not addicted to being on a social media platform.
Whenever we talk of connecting or searching for a person, we just hop into any of our favorite sites, type in the name and press ‘enter’- Woha! And you found him/her.

What if social media goes off to a sleep mode?

Now think what will happen if these sites go to sleep for sometime? Well, you cannot really blame them- even you go to sleep, why not these sites? That’s a different issue that you are doing Facebook or Twitter in and on your dreams too! Taking a reality check, this is actually happening for some days. Recently Twitter hit the news by going off for 30 minutes. Prior to this, Techcrunch had reported a couple of days back about Instagram, Vine, Airbnb and IFTTT all going off at the same time. Oh, BTW, the same has happened with Amazon and Google services too.

Thursday Twitter addicts almost had a sanity attack when Twitter went down for 30 minutes. Although TweetDeck and mobile app were not affected, people were still tweeting although the main site was down.


Seems like this summer, it was time for social media portals to take a break while their users freaked out completely. 5 minutes and you can hear people screaming “Oh! My God..what happened to this???” Back in August, Instagram (owned by Facebook) and Vine (owned by Twitter) along with Airbnb and Flipboard to mention some went out on the 25th day of the month. Some AWS issues had put a halt on these platforms at around 1 p.m. PST. Users got really irritated when their pictures were not getting uploaded on Instagram even though they tried restarting their phones!

Before that, Amazon.com had taken leave for 40 minutes on August 19. It happened sometime before noon. After noon Amazon tried to keep their users calm by displaying message ” Our Website is currently unavailable while we make some improvements to our services. We’ll be open for business again soon. please come back shortly to try again”. Thanking their users for their “patience” Amazon was out for a short vacation. There were three different messages at three different hours from Amazon. But what made our mouths fall open and wide was the revenue Amazon lost in those 40 minutes- A whopping $4.8 million!!! For an online giant like Amazon, every second does count. The company that makes around $120,000 every minute had a lot to lose in 40 minutes.

Tracking down more into August, Google services also made their users go panicky on August 16 when there was an outage at around 3.55 p.m. PST. It was definitely a black Friday for those who were ready to skip loo only to see when will Google services be back. Gmail, Drive, Calendar– to be precise, every cloud-based app was shut down. It was not a long time, but two minutes. However, if you see from the users’ point of view, the entire internet was panicking for two minutes- People thought they have already reached the edge of the internet.


The New York Times also went down for two hours along with being hacked last week, while GitHub also seemed to have pulled down the shutter. However, now it is back up and running!

When all these outages happened, there is no denial that users had a virtual death! Now that all are up and running well, lets wish such a situation does not happen again- or else yet again, we will be dying for more than a minute! Happy networking!


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