4 Advantages of Advertising Your Business Using Custom Signs


If you are starting a new business or simply want to change things up with your current company, custom signs are a great way to draw your customer’s attention.  There are a variety of styles, sizes and colors available to choose from when creating a sign so it’s important to do some research. Some of the factors you want to consider include where you need signs placed and what type of message you want to convey.  Are your signs merely going to be informative or do you want them to be entertaining and geared towards increasing sales?  It is probably likely that you want a variety of signs to help promote your company and get your name out in the industry.  Here are at least four advantages that custom banners or signs offer.

1.  Variety of Styles, Sizes and Colors

One of the obvious advantages of creating a customized design for your sign is the ability to choose everything.  You are not limited to choosing from a standard “cookie-cutter” sign design that makes your company look like everyone else.  With a custom sign you can choose the shape, size, color, design and more.  In fact, with so many choices you may find it difficult to narrow it down!  Fortunately, there are sign companies that can offer their experience and expertise when designing your company signs.  You can also turn to your co-workers and other business associates to get advice and opinions to help make your signs truly remarkable.

2.  Create a Unique Look for your Company

As mentioned above, one of the best things about custom banners and signs is that they help you stand out from other companies.  You may be surprised to learn the background behind various company logos.  For example, some companies that represent various industries may try to choose an image that represents each industry in their logo.  Another example includes what some business associates term “subliminal advertising.”  Do you want to subtly convey a message to your customers by the images you use or do you want to place hidden words in the pictures?  With custom signs, you can decide on whatever look you want for your company.

3.  Custom Signs Pay for Themselves

You may be worried that a custom sign is too expensive for your company.  Fortunately, most custom banners and signs pay for themselves due to the increased customer traffic and sales.  By creating a truly unique and eye-catching sign, you will help draw customers into your business and the sign will essentially pay for itself.

4.  Seasonal Signs

Another fun avenue to consider when creating a custom sign is to consider seasonal decorations.  You can spruce up your office by simply creating a custom sign that offers warm holiday wishes.  Whether you decide to create a sign for each holiday or merely want to wish your employees and customers Happy Holidays, the possibilities are endless with custom banners and signs.

In addition to this short list of custom sign advantages, there are other reasons for creating a custom sign.  Company logo changes, acquisitions and new products are just a few other reasons why you may need to create more custom banners and signs.  Look for a sign company that can accommodate your needs and offer their experience and service in creating the perfect custom banner or sign.

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4 Responses to 4 Advantages of Advertising Your Business Using Custom Signs

  1. Maggie Allen says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these advantages of custom banners. I had actually never thought of getting seasonal signs to help your company stay up-to-date. Like you said, a nice holiday sign can be a great way to make customers and employees feel appreciated. Plus, having your sign double as decor could make it a much better investment.

  2. I think custom signs sound like a great idea for advertising. It seems like a simple way to catch anyone’s attention as well as stand out among competitors. I would think that taking the time to create a custom sign is would be a great strategy.

  3. Nash Rich says:

    I think designs with lots of color and good font really makes a good show for your business. No one is going to come if it doesn’t look appealing. I thought the seasonal signs was a good idea. There is a climbing place by my house, and their sign has a dummy hanging on it like he’s repelling, and they dress him up like Santa during the winter. I just thought that was a genius idea.

  4. John Carston says:

    This post has given me a lot of information to consider as I research custom business signage. I hadn’t taken thought as to whether I wanted my signs to be more informative or entertaining/sales-oriented. i think ideally I’d like a combination of both for my custom sign. I’ll look through the rest of the post to get an idea of what I’d like to do. Thanks for the helpful post.

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