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We love to call ourselves tech-lovers, and when we do so we are simply referring to those awesome gadgets housed at The gadget Flow. Every week we showcase five coolest picks without fail. Whether its the iPhone or any other home-friendly gadget, the Gadget Flow blog has space for everything! While you stay updated via the blog, we at StartupsFM continue to bring you our top 5 series. So, here’s a glimpse of this week’s 5 hot picks.

Engrain Tactile Keys From Michael Roopenian Design


Are you looking for some innovation with your apple keyboard? Here’s something that might interest you. You can turn your apple keyboard into a masterpiece with the help of Engrain Tactile Keys From Michael Roopenian Design. Each set of keys is made out of wood and is designed in such a way that it emits a 3D texture out of the natural wood grain. The single wood pieces gets converted into keyboard stickers and is available in standard size. At a price of just $105, you can also have smaller wireless keyboard models. Installing this is no less than any fun game. You can simply paste each key into a wooden bracket that can be mounted on the original keyboard, because it comes with pre-applied adhesive.

P4 Passive Bamboo Bookshelf Speakers From Audioengine


Aesthetics is what you demand along with high quality audio performance. We understand your need, and so we chose to display P4 Passive Bamboo Bookshelf Speakers From Audioengine which comes at a price of just $325. Its not like those old black audio speakers. P4 is classic in its bamboo outfit! It not only promises good sound quality but also has a sophisticated look. Its a perfect addition to your bookshelf, and is ideal to use with amplifiers. However, P4 is essentially self sufficient. Without the amplifiers its sound quality is awesome. P4 is small and compact, and will decorate your living room most aptly.

Pac-Man Heat Change Mug


Paladone products brings you Pac-Man Heat Change Mug at just $10. You are sure to get addicted to tea or coffee in a short span of time if you are not one already. Once the hot liquid pours in the mug, the pac game comes alive with all the blue maze, and Pac-man about to gobble a fruit. You can see Inky,Pinky,Blinky and Clyde running to finish off the game. This mug is an addiction. If not tea or coffee, only to watch the Pac game, you will be compelled to pour in hot water atleast. Yes, you read that right Its not only caffeine or tea, even hot water can do the trick. Otherwise your mug is just like any other black mug!

Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar


Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar does not fire but is a perfect product to keep your cookies all safe and crunchy. This official Star Wars product can also lay trap for the Jedi Knights. You can catch them red-handed when they are trying to put in their fingers in your jar! This jar has a perfect lid and its ceramic body keeps your cookies crunchy. Now that this is not flawed anyway in its lid and has a flat base, we can ensure you it will not roll over and knock down Yoda accidentally!

The Simpsons Marge Washing Up Brush


Its boring to clean dirt and grease in your kitchen with those green and yellow looking flat square cleaners. Here’s Marge Simpson all decked up to make your cleaning a little more exciting., thanks to The Simpsons Marge Washing Up Brush. However difficult it seems to pull off the grease or dirt from your dishes and other utensils, Marge Simpson will shine them off in a stroke. 20th Century Fox has launched this official product and is a perfect replica of Marge- with its blue hair! The iconic red accessories and green dress brings Marge Simpson in your kitchen. Even if Marge is not cleaning your dishes, it looks fantastic beside your sink. If you are only thinking about the brush, its handle and how it will clean the dishes, let us tell you another secret- if you have Simpson fans in your house, you will get a chance to sit back because they will be fighting over Marge- WHo will wash the dishes! We bet, that will be fun!

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