Best Social media app offers for Non-Profits

Social Media Apps for non-profits

“Fish where the fish are”- The golden rule to marketing for every business, and that includes nonprofit organizations too. Nonprofit organizations are always on their toes to spread the word and make people aware of the causes they are catering too. What better way to catch the eyeballs than social media portals.A recent report published by TechCrunch from Marry Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends reports showed that there has been a 16% rise in Internet advertising this year. It also quotes that “Users want quick, straight-forward apps that nail a single purpose, not bloated Swiss Army knives that bury important functionality. That’s why tech giants are buying or building standalone apps.”

True to its words, organizations are turning to apps to make it large on the social media front. When it comes to nonprofit organizations, well, grabbing the limelight on social media is no more a easy play. There are some apps that are helping nonprofits to leverage their business socially. Here’s how nonprofits are making it big on social media.

Kivi Leroux Miller in her Nonprofit Communications Blog listed down the top goals of a nonprofit organization in 2014 as:

  1. Acquiring new donors (53%)
  2. Engaging their community(49%)
  3. General Brand Awareness (40%)
  4. Retaining Current donors (30%)

She also presented an analysis of how four of the most prominent social media platforms are being used-

  • Facebook (95%)
  • Youtube (38%)
  • Twitter (64%)
  • Linkedin (26%)

Given the fact that Facebook rules out in case of social media, we will first have a look at three most useful Facebook apps that are helping nonprofits-

#1: Causes
The Causes App is the first and probably one of the best options to raise a fund and drive in support from people. This app is the best way to make an impact- whether it is a social cause or a political one, whether you want to conduct a poll or make a petition, Causes app is just doing wonders.

#2: Shortstack
Worrying about designing a promotion or a contest for your organization? Shortstack app, which is a third-party app, come shandy in such situations. Extremely user friendly, you can easily design a promotion or a contest and run it through your Facebook Page. You can also get contact information, get people subscribe or sign up to your page with this app. The tricky part of this app is that it is free for a limited number of Facebook fans. Once you exceed that limit, you will need your cards at your hands’ reach. Expect some awesome emails from the creators containing valuable information, every month!

#3: Polldaddy
You have been spending some sleepless nights to understand your customer base? Polldaddy is what you have missed out! Polldaddy is awesome app for, the most obvious, polling. Along with that, you can conduct surveys and collect information about your customers.

Well, Facebook is not the end of the world after all. Here are some more apps helping nonprofits to maximize their social business-

(1) StayClassy
Creating fundraising programs online has become an easy task with StayClassy. It helps in boosting the overall impact of an organization and clubs all the fundraising efforts into on platform. From accepting donations to creating customized fundraising campaigns, launching peer-to-peer campaigns- everything is here. Add to that, you can share your campaign directly to Facebook and Twitter. StayClassy comes with a free “Ultimate Campaign Planning Kit” to help you launch your first fundraising event successfully.

(2) Pinterest
No, Pinterest is not just about pinning pictures. Nonprofits are grabbing the spotlight via Pinterest. The visual impact is the USP here. Your fundraising campaigns can now look pretty! A beautifully designed board completes your Pinterest efforts. Put up your items with prices tags and links to redirect your customers to the purchase page. All you need to invest here is time, and Pinterest will give you back supporters and re-pinners!

(3) CrowdTilt
Although this app is not exclusively designed for nonprofits, yet it caters to them quite well. It somewhat resembles the model of ‘Groupon’ in regards to the fact that it requires to reach a certain amount to actually “Tilt”. You pay only if you have enough people backing you with their support for the cause. After it ’tilt’, you start paying! Sharing is vital in this case-because the raise gets to tilt only if it reaches out to enough supporters. CrowdTilt in a way motivates supporters and donors to share actively and contribute to achieve a common goal.

(4) Twitter
A micro-blogging portal- share your message in 140 characters clubbed with images. Retweet others, follow others and let people know you exist. The more followers you have, the more supporters you acquire.

(5) ThankYouPro
Your supporters and donors are like your backbone, and there is no other better way to thank them than with ThankyouPro. Send them customized cards thanking them for their initiatives.

(6) Flipboard
The last year’s launch of ‘Big Ideas’ on Flipboard was another great step for nonprofits especially. Now you can let your customers read up everything about your cause, create a magazine that will tell your story or about your cause and spread awareness, speak about various facets about your cause in one magazine or publish various editions, and solve monetary issues. Flipboard allows you to publish your content via RSS or social media. You can then search for your content and start sharing!

(8) Twitvid and YouTube
Not every campaign requires you to pen down in words. Nonprofits are now turning to Twitvid and Youtube to spread their message verbally. There is not another better person to talk about your cause than you, and there has been never a better alternative to saying it LIVE.

(9) Linkedin
Linkedin is always categorized as the professional networking portal. Here you have people who are interested in growing their network as well as pay heed to a social cause. Sharing links to your campaign on Linkedin is a smart way for nonprofits to pull in supporters and raise funds.

(10) Eventbrite
If there are events, there has to be registrations for the same. Selling tickets or registration can be tackled well with Eventbrite. In 2010, Eventbrite had taken an initiative to help nonprofits with its “Eventbrite for Causes“. Back then, it was open to US-based nonprofits with a status of 501(c)(3) only!

Awesome Deals for Nonprofits

Not just apps, there are few companies that provide special discounts to Nonprofits.


Hubspot offers a discount if 15% to nonprofits. A special team of marketers, accountants, and consultants are trained to help the nonprofit organizations.

Constant Contact

If a nonprofit agrees to pay for 12 months, a discount of 30% can be availed and on a payment of 6 months’ amount, a discount of 20% is offered.


The page for Nonprofits are not yet live but MarketMeSuite is equally friendly to nonprofit organizations as others. It offers a 60-day free trial. It has 15% discount to offer on monthly plans and 30% on annual plans.


Hootsuite follows suit as well. It offers a discount of 20% to nonprofit organizations.



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