8 Hottest Startups of Europe making rounds

Europe Startups 2015

European startup ecosystem has evolved into becoming a vibrant tech ecosystem with $10 billion VC investment in 2015. By the end of the third month of 2015, investments had already crossed $2.5 billion, “the highest for any quarter since the start of the decade”.

While Columnists opine that European startups need to scale-up faster to match the pace of United States, we have listed down top 8 hottest startups in the continent that’s making a global mark.


One of the most beloved home-delivery service across Asia and Europe, and as HelloFood in Africa and Middle-East, this lovable panda is surely one to watch out for. Headquartered at Berlin, this company is a rage in the food-delivery business with almost 60,000 restaurants as their partner till date! Isn’t that awesome?
[Funds raised: $310 million]

Hello Fresh

After restaurant food, time to cheer for fresh ingredients at your doorstep! If you feel lazy to go to that grocery store, ping Hello Fresh instead. Avail boxes of fresh fruits, vegetables and other ingredients delivered to your place so you can cook yourself a whole-some food.
[Funds raised: $193.5 million]


Food delivery is one part, but what if along with that you have a platform that takes logistics into accounts! Deliveroo is not just any other food delivery startup. It enables you to track your food parcel from the time it has left the kitchen to your doorstep. Founder Will Shu says it takes exactly seven to eight minutes to deliver from the time the driver picks up the food parcel from kitchen. Now that’s helpful when you are very hungry and cannot wait much longer!
[Funds raised: £16 million]


International money transfer would have been a pain had it not been for WorldRemit that charges lower commissions in comparison to the high-street banks. There is no hidden charges unlike most banks. Soon, WorldRemit will venture into United States as well as other countries.
[Funds raised: $100 million]


Being the brain-child of ex-Googlers Graham Cooke, Ian McCaig, Daniel Shellard and Emre Baran, this startup is efficiently enabling businesses in Europe to create websites capable of A/B testing and optimised data-targeting.
[Funds raised: $26 billion]


Another unlikely but extremely helpful concept is that of Kreditech. Headquartered at Hamburg, this startup puts together over 20,000 data points to create credit ratings. This rating can be created even for those without a bank account, or for a student or probably who are migrants. Kreditech can easily identify whether a person is likely to pay back a loan or not. That’s quite an information!
[Funds raised: $263 million]


A cost-effective idea, to say least about this startup. Sigfox can be termed as an alternative to cellular data that takes up less energy and is budget friendly. Business Insider quotes the idea as “small connected objects can send small amounts of data to each other even with small batteries and cheap hardware”. How cool is that?!
[Funds raised: $151.3 million]


Truecaller has been in market since 2009 enabling users to get rid of unwanted callers and identify unknown callers across the globe. This app has been a boon to smartphone users. Who wouldn’t want to skip those trash calls forever!
[Funds raised: $80.1 million]

Recently a Chinese investment firm has launched ‘a new £500 million ($715 million) investment fund specifically for European startups’ to flourish in China. While most startups struggle to gain a foothold in China’s market, thanks to strong legal resistance, looks like China has opened doors to one of the most evolving startup ecosystem of the world: European tech startups.

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