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StartupsFM joins hands with HR CUBE at one of the largest Tech events in India-Techgrind


StartupsFM has joined hands with HR CUBE, a startup aiming to bridge the expanding talent gap across the globe, for a tech event happening this May at Coimbatore. HR CUBE along with its co-host and event as well as venue partner Continue reading

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Berlin City Beat – The Ultimate Guide for Those Who Wish to Startup in Berlin


Given the fact that this city has one of the most temperate seasonal climates in the European continent due to its location amongst the plains, it’s quite evident that Berlin has been blessed by nature right from the beginning. But the tremendous growth in the entrepreneurial sector primarily IT and Internet startups Continue reading

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How coworking accelerates your workpace and makes you work smarter, Feedback from Felena Hanson and more


There’s a silent revolution underway in how entrepreneurs, telecommuting professionals, independent contractors, creative types and other sundry lone rangers go about their business. It’s called coworking, Continue reading

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Top 5 Guides to watch out at StartupPlays


Do you have a potential startup idea? But having an idea is not all. You need to know where and how you will get your users, what will be your revenue model initially, how will you go about from day one. For all these, entrepreneurs are always searching for quick guidelines that will help them solve the initial issues of Continue reading

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This September buckle up to be a part of top 5 Hackathons happening across the globe

Continue reading

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RocketSpace by startups for startups, is a high-on energy technology community


RocketSpace has fueled the success of more than 200 companies. Some delighting names are Uber, Leap Motion, Podio, DOMO,, Zaarly, Kabam, Kwarter Inc., Pocket Change and Beatport. Continue reading

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Soaring office rentals in NYC, courtesy tech start-ups


Some incredible revelations by a report released by a real estate services company CBRE suggest that Asia dominates world’s most expensive office spaces. According to the survey, Hong Kong continues to rule the roost, while London and Beijing have also joined the ranks of the top most overall occupancy cost. Interestingly, America’s financial nerve centre New York City that is also home to the world’s largest stock exchange Continue reading

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Green Spaces is high on energy in fostering value-driven communities and driving the new economy movement


The rise of collaborative spaces in the last decade has been an integral part of a great shift that has been happening post the financial crisis in 2007-2008. An undercurrent of a movement had started flowing in where as the Influencercon Report “FutureMark-Transcendant Ideas of the Bear Future” says, “for the first time in generations people began to question whether or not the way we were “conducting business” was actually working. Continue reading

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What is it like being in a startup? Got serious? Watch our latest picks from Vooza


Well being in a startup is all about gulping down gallons of beer, drooling over chocoalte pudding and being chaotic!!! Yes innovation comes from the sheer grandiose of being a Founder and of course a lot of hybrid ideas like Radimparency (radical+transparency). LOL! Continue reading

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The Basics of Laying Out an Office


Walking into an empty office space, it can be impossible to envision exactly how this bare room is going to manifest itself as a fully functioning office. Where will all the furniture go? What furniture will you need? How will you decide who goes where? Organising an office isn’t a precise science, but there are some delicate issues to consider when it comes to office psychology and layout. Continue reading

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