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Monthly dose of Startup Resources: Volume 1

Startup Resources Volume 1

Starting up is a big thing. But it needs attention to small details. There is so much to explore and find out when you are doing it on your own. Not every startup is blessed with a team at the commencement. However, we know the pangs and we thought of listing down everything that we could think under the sun and the moon! Continue reading

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How HRIS Defeats the Challenges of Managing a Mobile Workforce

HRIS and mobile workforce

Managing your mobile workforce is not the simplest of task. Do your employees have the ability to interact with your Human Resources Information System (HRIS) while mobile? Are they permitted access to the company’s HRIS range of capabilities, while traveling to various locations? Continue reading

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Developing A Small Business: Business Advice & Sustainability

Small Business Advice and Sustainabilty.png

It is essential for small businesses and startups to develop with a sustainable business model in mind. Long-term success depends on a plan that assesses risk and allows for the capitalisation of the opportunities that arise. This takes into account everything from cash flow to the sales and delivery process. Continue reading

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Essential marketing tips for those who want to leverage Pinterest

Pinterest for business tips

Social media is relentlessly helping businesses to grow. True as this is, the debate continues- where to start? Which social media channel to use? Wishpond had compiled data from social networking sites last year. The result as quoted on Entrepreneur showed that “business owners would be wise to ramp up their presence on the social sharing site Pinterest. Continue reading

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Reasons to take your ERP solution to the cloud

Taking ERP to the cloud

Azzure IT is a Sheffield based IT company offering a range of awesome Microsoft solutions. We invited them to chat to us about ERP. Enterprise Resource Planning solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV are pushing the boundaries of business software and pioneering new ways to increase their usability and appeal in a better way. Continue reading

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Tips For Freelancers: A Solid Structure & Business Plan

Tips for freelancers

The state of the UK employment market is forever changing, and recent years have seen a significant shift in its make up. Back in 2011, there were 4.2 million people – 14.4% of the nation’s workforce – who were working as freelancers. Continue reading

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3 Tips for Spotting New Trends in Business

It is often said that the best time to buy a company’s shares is when it isn’t public knowledge. Buying your shares when the cab driver on the street knows about it will probably generate some returns for you, but it won’t give the same rewards as when you have ground floor access to a highly viable company’s stocks before it becomes public knowledge. Continue reading

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#Hashtags are the new power house of action on #socialmedia

Hashtags putting content into action

There was a time when we turned to hashtags only when we needed to search for some specific tweet. With time, hashtags evolved and began to become a part of daily nuances. It was not long when hashtags started showing up everywhere- T-shirts and book covers, normal conversation and signs. Continue reading

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4 Advantages of Advertising Your Business Using Custom Signs


If you are starting a new business or simply want to change things up with your current company, custom signs are a great way to draw your customer’s attention.  There are a variety of styles, sizes and colors available to choose from when creating a sign so it’s important to do some research. Continue reading

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Free Your Startup–The Power of Remote Work


Why remote work might just unleash your startup’s full potential, land you opportunities by the dozen and prove Marissa Mayer wrong. Supercharge your workflow and check out our virtual collaboration cheat sheet. Continue reading

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