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Website translation becomes more accurate with Dakwak, one of the #500strong this year


What happens if you visit a website and is unable to read it because of not being familiar with the language it’s written in? What do you do when your website having content written in English needs to be catered to some regional location where the only way to communicate is their regional language Continue reading

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Search and discover the bargain price for phones with PriceBaba


So do you want a cell phone with wider buttons for easier texting experience or it’s the camera that you use more? Do you like the slider phone or the basic candybar ones? Or is it time that you shift to the touch screen with Android? Well if you have a galaxy of questions crossing your mind regarding your next mobile phone purchase, then checking out PriceBaba may help calm your nerves! Continue reading

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Japanese Startup AppSocially Packs In Promise


In this wired world with millions of apps waiting to get downloaded, there are some that manage to create instant buzz in the mobile space. AppSocially is one such Japanese startup developed as a mobile application tool for developers who want to incorporate customer-produced functions into their applications in order to monitor usage. Continue reading

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Contactually is an intelligent CRM tool that not only tells you who to contact but how to contact them


Imagine if you could have a personal assistant in your pocket which would not only help you keep in touch with all the important people in your network, but even tell you how to keep in touch with them? Well, that’s exactly what Contactually does. Continue reading

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