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8 Hottest Startups of Europe making rounds

Europe Startups 2015

European startup ecosystem has evolved into becoming a vibrant tech ecosystem with $10 billion VC investment in 2015. By the end of the third month of 2015, investments had already crossed $2.5 billion, “the highest for any quarter since the start of the decade”. Continue reading

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Berlin City Beat – The Ultimate Guide for Those Who Wish to Startup in Berlin


Given the fact that this city has one of the most temperate seasonal climates in the European continent due to its location amongst the plains, it’s quite evident that Berlin has been blessed by nature right from the beginning. But the tremendous growth in the entrepreneurial sector primarily IT and Internet startups Continue reading

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Hallo Berlin, the rising European hub for startups – A prequel for our Berlin City Beat


When searching for the top 10 startup hubs in the world, one name you can’t overlook in any list available anywhere on the web is Berlin, the UNESCO “City of Design”. Surprisingly, a survey on Venture Village shows that Berlin has 50% increase in startups from 2008 to present as compared to Munich. Continue reading

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Stay ahead of your competitors with Rivalfox’s automated monitoring and reporting software

Rivalfox-automated competitor-monitoring-software

With the advent of digital media it doesn’t come as a surprise that your competitor might be bidding on the exact keywords or vying for attention of that same group of audience as yours! In such a crowded market, Continue reading

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