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Meet Lollipuff- First online auction portal for fashion without any “Fakes”


Online auctions commercially began way back in 1995 with Onsale company. eBay also followed the league from September in that same year. Although online auctions doesn’t start with them. It prevailed even before web browser was released for personal computers. Continue reading

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Tapastic is a go-to platform for indie comic creators and fanatic readers


Telling stories through illustrations had begun long back in 113 AD with Rome’s Trajan’s Column. From primitive times to Modern age, illustrations have moved from rocks to pages! The pioneer to add texts with illustrations came from Rodolphe Töpffer, a Francophone Swiss artist in 19th Century. Continue reading

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LocalOn backed by YC empowers small businesses with social and local marketing


We are in a time when small businesses are going glocal and startups are seriously working to deliver this. Yes, small businesses are getting demos from startups to get online and monetize the web to reach their potential target users. No code, no design, just simple edit, save and publish buttons for local businesses to go online. That is what is LocalOn, a YC backed Bay Area startup led by Shahbano Imran is doing day in and out. Continue reading

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Startup jobs, top 5 working options you would love to explore


Do you wish to work with startups, but are not quite satisfied with the search results? You need not worry now because StartupsFM brings you 5 of those wonderful opportunities you were looking for. There is just one condition that is mandatory when you are coming to a startup, that too a web related one- you have to be passionate about computers, about the internet and of course, about the work you do. Continue reading

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Food startups: The story behind The “Anytime Frozen Treat”-ProYo Frozen Yoghurt


Who would think a high protein, healthy frozen yogurt treat could create disruption in the frozen foods industry? As it turns out, figuring out how to make a creamy frozen yogurt that tastes great, yet is also very high in protein, calcium, fiber and probiotics. Continue reading

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