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8 Hottest Startups of Europe making rounds

Europe Startups 2015

European startup ecosystem has evolved into becoming a vibrant tech ecosystem with $10 billion VC investment in 2015. By the end of the third month of 2015, investments had already crossed $2.5 billion, “the highest for any quarter since the start of the decade”. Continue reading

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Enter the new age of pioneering with Pioneers Festival, celebrating European Innovation and Technology this October


The Pioneers Festival is scheduled to take place Oct 30-31, 2013 in the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna, Austria. This is one of the biggest technology events in Europe, and brings together more than 2,500 digital warriors Continue reading

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Coshared Manifesto: Time To Transform Your Promotion


They say that in business, the path to success can only be traveled alone. Do you believe this as well? Picture a visionary, pursuing an unreachable goal, often with no regard to common sense, alone against the world. We know dozens of stories of businessmen that managed to shape the world to their will. They inspire us, giving us hope and reinforcing our belief that by treading a lonely path we one day reach our shining goal. Continue reading

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If you are a startup in Europe, look for these startup programs from our top 6 European incubators


Are startups flocking and gathering someplace else? We are hearing a lot of scoops from the grapevine that Silicon Valley has a lot of competitors and Europe is one such breeding ground for startups. Continue reading

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“Thinking of founding a startup? Pack your bags and go for an Eurotrip!”


Europe has always been a travel destination, but now the region is expanding to another, entirely different area of human interest: business. Startups are popping up all over the continent, and many of them, Continue reading

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Sail the high seas with Anchor Travel, a platform connecting sailors with boat owners


It’s a problem that commonly plagues holidaymakers. You want to sail, maybe hire a yacht or any kind of boat and take it out to sea. Except there is no way for you to get hold of one easily. That was Sergey Medvedev’s story when he was vacationing in Thailand. He tried to charter a yacht; it took him a week. Continue reading

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