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Silicon Valley Startup, Kiyat Games, Takes a Unique Spin on Company Branding and Promoting


San Jose, California, December 19th, 2013 – Startup gaming company, Kiyat Games, has only been around for less than a year but during this short period the team has learned to implement unique marketing tactics despite their limited resources. A new take on company branding, in particular, Continue reading

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Time to celebrate your anniversary “Galactic”ally this year, Startatoons, Chapter 2 comes with one such couple


“We’re everywhere on Earth. Now we’re aiming for the final frontier.”~ That’s what happens to be the newest yet one of the most spellbinding missions PayPal is going crazy about. After teaming up with members of the SETI institute, Continue reading

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Tapastic is a go-to platform for indie comic creators and fanatic readers


Telling stories through illustrations had begun long back in 113 AD with Rome’s Trajan’s Column. From primitive times to Modern age, illustrations have moved from rocks to pages! The pioneer to add texts with illustrations came from Rodolphe Töpffer, a Francophone Swiss artist in 19th Century. Continue reading

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What happens when you become a LEANoholic? Startatoon, Chapter 1 showcasing one such geek for the very first time!


Philosophized by Eric Ries, Lean Startup is one of the most sought after methodologies, working as a business-hypothesis-driven product development cycle. But, hang on, that’s what all of us already know and ardently follow, right? Continue reading

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Being serious is a heinous crime!! Be seriously hilarious when at Vooza!


Welcome to this week’s ha-ha series from our favorite startup team of all times, Vooza. It’s time for some jolts and volts, some laughter and stress-busters, it’s finally your time to jiggle with the startup vibe from this batch of coolest #voosome people of the world! Yay! It’s Vooza time. Continue reading

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Vooza satirizes the startup community in their viral mockumentaries


Last year, a video called “What does Vooza do?” surfaced on the internet and immediately went viral in the startup community with hundreds and thousands of views and industry giants like The Next Web and Tim Ferriss applauding its particular brand of satire. Of course, the video said nothing about what Vooza really was or what it did; Continue reading

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