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Meet DOT from Iota Labs- A customisable push notification app for your daily life

Dot the physical push notification

Smartphones are getting smarter with a host of new-age lifestyle apps. While developers are writing down lines of codes to make your life simpler, we bring you one such app that will join all the dots of your daily life. Meet DOT, a physical push notification from a group of five Berkeley engineers aka Iota Labs. Continue reading

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Viber celebrates 100 million concurrent registered users

Viber hits 100 Million Mark

Viber, a VoIP and messaging app now boasts of over 100 million registered concurrent users. The app that was recently acquired by Japanese Internet company Rakuten for $900 million always released the number of registered users. We never heard anything about ‘active daily or monthly users’ from Viber’s desk. Continue reading

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Slingshot, a competitor to Snapchat was rolled out by Facebook accidentally

Facebook releases Slingshot app, an oops moment

Facebook is busy developing Snapchat’s new competitor, Slingshot. On Monday, the tech world got a hint of what’s coming when Facebook ‘accidentally’ published the early version of the software in the iOS app store. This app, which is separate from its own messenger app, is said to resemble Snapchat in its features. Continue reading

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Express yourself anywhere on the web with youmood.me

me-homepage” href=”http://youmoodme/en”>youmoodme figured out the need to expressing oneself anywhere on the web by just a click Alexandre Pikiakos, co-founder and CEO of youmoodme considers it as “Pinterest of opinions: Continue reading

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Top 5 must read coding books for iOS Developers on Amazon


Avram Joel Spolsky, author of the blog Joel on Software wrote in one of his blog posts ” Programmers seem to have stopped reading books. The market for books on programming topics is miniscule compared to the number of working programmers”. A lot of research went into finding why developers fringe away from books on codes- one may be because most of them are not good enough to invest time into. Continue reading

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New Design, iPad Mini giveaway and lots of amazing gadgets for gizmo fans- The Gadget Flow is brimming with energy!


The Gadget Flow has been making people fall in love more and more with their awesome and exclusive gadgets. While the best gadgets take shelter at The Gadget Flow, the gadget-freak team is now making many changes Continue reading

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Nativly is a new approach in analyzing your app marketplace reviews


After much blood and sweat and almost a toilsome 6 months, Nativly comes out as a go to app for user engagement with an intuitive app feedback system as well as a cloud based CRM. The platform gives an in depth data analysis and management to understand user behavior. Continue reading

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How GoAppz is helping small businesses in UK to go mobile


Small to medium businesses constitute the largest proportion of the UK economy. However a lot of SME businesses are not getting the right traffic or footfall as they are not going mobile. To them going mobile is more like a costly affair and due to this financial constraint they are stuck badly. Continue reading

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Silvercar welcomes you to the future of airport car rentals with the exclusive Audi A4 at your service


How would you feel everytine you want to take a flight, an Audi A4 is all ready to rush you through to the airport? Wi-fi Hotspot, Satellite Radio and GPS at no extra costs. And the best part is you don’t have to step out for all this. Book an Audi A4 from your smart devices. Isn’t this certainly a delight? Continue reading

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