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Meet DOT from Iota Labs- A customisable push notification app for your daily life

Dot the physical push notification

Smartphones are getting smarter with a host of new-age lifestyle apps. While developers are writing down lines of codes to make your life simpler, we bring you one such app that will join all the dots of your daily life. Meet DOT, a physical push notification from a group of five Berkeley engineers aka Iota Labs. Continue reading

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Christmas Blockbusters: Our Top 10 Favorite Kickstarter Projects of the Year


This look back at our favorite Kickstarter crowdfunding projects of the year is the second in our series of Christmas Blockbusters. Why Kickstarter? Because this is the year when crowdfunding came of age as a legitimate fund-raising tool for startups. Continue reading

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3Doodler by WobbleWorks, the first 3D printing pen you definitely want to own

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This week’s 5 Completely Different Kickstarter Projects With just One Thing in Common- Awesome Design!


Once upon a time not so long ago, artists and inventors would flock to great cities such as Paris, London, Munich and Vienna, seeking rich patrons of the arts willing to support up-and-coming penniless creative geniuses. Continue reading

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Are Augmented Reality Startups the next big bait for Investors?


The concept of augmented reality seems like a bit of an oxymoron, given that something is either real or it’s not. Regardless, the hype and boom in AR startups is real enough, and so are the hundreds of millions of VC dollars being pumped into them. Continue reading

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The new generation of robotics redefined by Kickstarter Campaign Pixy, easy-to-use vision sensor from Charmed Labs and CMU


The Pixy Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is about to end, and end very well having raised nearly 10 times the target of $25,000. What’s Pixy? It’s a fast and color-sensitive vision sensor for mobile robots that you can “teach” to track objects. Continue reading

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Kickstarter vs Indiegogo – By the Numbers


The Ubuntu Edge campaign, which raised $10,267,352 on Indiegogo from more than 22,053 contributions, highlighted the enormous potential of crowdfunding campaigns. At the same time, it also highlighted the limitations of Indiegogo as compared to Kickstarter, since the campaign fell far short of its desired goal of $32 million. Continue reading

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Top 5 Kickstarter Projects topping the charts and getting the community in action


Kickstarter as a platform has its own beauty and is a niche community that has been supporting insanely creative projects across the planet. Currently Kickstarter is also reaching out to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Continue reading

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iFetch Receives Awards for Innovative Product at SuperZoo, a Pet Industry Trade Show


Press Release: Austin, Texas, August 27, 2013 – iFetch has been named as the 1st place winner in the Dog category AND the overall 1st place Best in Show of the New Product Showcase Awards at the 2013 SuperZoo pet industry trade show that was held July 23-25 Continue reading

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Top 5 essential tips that could make crowdfunding your project on Kickstarter an overnight success


The latest available stats show that 109,553 launched projects on Kickstarter have collectively garnered pledges worth $737 million. It’s stunning that more than 4.5 million people have together agreed to “invest” hundreds of millions of dollars without any expectation of making a profit. Continue reading

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