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Geopieces is a Social Discovery App That Takes Geotagging To The Next Level

Geopieces Social Discovery App

Discovery apps have been the primary booster for the travel industry ever since their introduction brought a surge in traffic on Android and iOS App Stores. It became easy for travellers to track and share their memorable expeditions with the rest of the world virtually and make their mark in the travelling market at a go. Continue reading

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AppUpper boosts your app position in stores!


São Paulo, Brazil — February 25th 2014 — AppUpper today released the first crowd-review platform for Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps. It brings companies that have a new product with a very aggressive time-to-market the opportunity to have their product confidentially evaluated and tested Continue reading

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Practice and Feedback Makes Your Startup Pitch Perfect With Feedback Fast


For a startup that wants to help other founders avoid startup pitch mistakes, the aptly named Feedback Fast itself bombed out big time right out of the gate. They launched the app in Dec 2013 and called it “Intercourse,” and priced it at $0.99 on the App Store. It’s a testament to the app’s usefulness Continue reading

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Fittr Squad Brings You Personalized Workouts From Iris the Supercomputer


If your New Year resolution has anything to do with fitness, weight loss and a promise to start working out, then you have a new tool to help you called Fittr that’s launching right in time on Jan 1, 2014. Continue reading

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There’s an App For Keeping Everything in It’s Place, and It’s Called Klaser


Tomasz Chwilowicz, cofounder and CEO of Upton Sp. z o.o., has a very simple philosophy about what a mobile app developer is supposed to do – “Help world, start from yourselves.” That’s what Upton’s Klaser is all about, as the app that keeps “Everything in its Place.” Continue reading

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GonnaGo, Trip Sharing App, is available on the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store


[Press Release] Sydney, Australia: Oct 08, 2013: Available today in the App Store and Play Store, GonnaGo is the latest travel app to hit the mobile market. It allows you to simply store and share your travel plans in an easy to read format. The app is best suited for people who like to share ‘where they are travelling to’ with their friends, or those who like to meet friends on their travels. Continue reading

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The Top 4 Mobile Recognition Apps to Reward Employees


Employee recognition goes a long way in properly motivating workers, but it can be a tricky thing for some companies. Some bosses feel a gift card and a little recognition around the office is the way to go; others give out cash bonuses, while still others like to give employees fall flower arrangements. Continue reading

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Shoppingwish.in announces launch of India’s first barcode scanning app


[Press Release] Pune, Maharastra, India – September 26, 2013ShoppingWish.in, a price comparison and product discovery portal announced today the launch of Scandid – a fast and convenient barcode scanning based price comparison mobile app, designed exclusively for the Indian market. Continue reading

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Top 5 must read coding books for iOS Developers on Amazon


Avram Joel Spolsky, author of the blog Joel on Software wrote in one of his blog posts ” Programmers seem to have stopped reading books. The market for books on programming topics is miniscule compared to the number of working programmers”. A lot of research went into finding why developers fringe away from books on codes- one may be because most of them are not good enough to invest time into. Continue reading

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Best of travel apps-Now go around the world hassle free! Our fat-free guide!


With almost 40% of the world’s population online and over 41% households connected to the internet globally, the Mobile App Market is bound to be Worth $27 Billion in 2013. This calls for an “Mobile App” era where almost every imaginable daily task from project management to attending social parties to planning out vacations has an app assigned to it. Continue reading

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