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Are you an Indie Filmmaker? Explore the new Shortfundly community

Short Filmmaking Community

You want to be a Renowned Film maker, but facing Funding issues? You are a pro at Film Making and want your work to reach the Right Audience? Well, you can now sigh with relief, as ‘Shortfundly’ is here for your rescue. – A perfect platform to help Short Film Makers and Short Film Event Organisers to get connected. Incorporated in 2014, Shortfundly holds a vision of providing the world’s biggest stage to short films. Selvam. M (Founder) and P. Mahajan (co-founder) aim to provide the short film makers an accessible market reach, thus, becoming the leading Micro-Cinema.

This 2-year old Bootstrap Start-up will help the aspiring and existing short film makers create their online film maker identity.

Why Shortfundly in the era of YouTube?

YouTube provides unquestionable and extremely magnificent online video streaming services. However, it is not designed for Short Films. You are required to do extensive search in order to find a category of short film you want to watch.

The new Android app, ‘Shortfundly’, helps you watch unlimited short films with your friends and family.Click here  to have Unlimited Fun.

What Makes Shortfundly unique?

It is a technology and data-driven online media company which helps you reach the Right Audience without much research and efforts. Acting as A LinkedIn for Short Film Makers, Shortfundly connects the film makers with their dream destination called ‘Film Industry’. And what makes them stand apart from its competitors is the ‘Crowd-funding Facility’ it provides to budding film makers.

Wondering About the Complications? It’s as Simple as Cooking a packet of Maggie.

  1. Reaching your dream had never been so easier before. Follow these extremely simple steps and you are on the ladder of success.
  2. Visit ShortFundly Or Simply Install the Android App On Your Mobile. Click Here To Download.
  3. Upload your film and Add basic details including Director’s name, Actor’s name etc.
  4. Click on Submit.

Sit back and relax as Shortfundly does the rest. They promote your hard work to the audience world-wide.

The feedback you get in form of reviews and ratings lets you grow. It would guide you on the areas you need to work on, and the areas where you should be proud of yourself.

Want To Make A Career With Shortfundly.com?

You have the zeal to showcase your talent to the world, But Unable to find an Opportunity? Want To Be an Actor, Director, Producer, or Editor? Yes, it is possible without having sources and connections in Film Industry. You don’t need years of experience, because your talent would take you to the heights.

Apply Now with Shortfundly!

Why Choose Shortfundly?

Shortfundly is in association with bumper film festivals. On the Shortfundly site you can discover plus gather all the outshining festivals and link up with them. Shortfundly cheers for its champions. It publicizes film makers to stimulate their efficiency.

Shortfundly collects classifies categorizes the short films and provides interesting reviews.

If starter short film makers are struggling to get film acquaintance it’s time to turn to Shortfundly. Most of the film makers must have tried alternate ways to market their short films like- You Tubing, ads on Facebook, Podcasts. But if your efforts have gone futile reach out to Shortfundly. If you are in connection with Shortfundly, you are sailing in the opportune boat because Shortfundly attentively tends to all needs of their makers and anchors them to their destination. Shortfundly’s online video platform enables the global audience to easily discover, watch and share short films on their desktop and mobile devices. Shortfundly’s network includes some of the biggest internet media companies in the world.

Why visit shortfundly platform ?

It provides an informal connection between the newcomers and established film experts. You can easily get in touch with skilled professionals through this page and nurture your filming talent.

Viewers of short film can also contact them to apprehend and know more about the process of making a short film. You can even browse your favorite short film maker and increase your association with them.

This page is highly useful to people who are looking to enter into the field of filming. These creative minds will guide and succor you till the destination of a short film.

Visit the page and link yourselves with the makers to realize your dream of a best short film.

  • Come explore the experts!
  • Skim through the collection of Short Films at Shortfundly by a single click.
  • Shortfundly you can easily locate your favorite and most preferred short films.

Category has a broad scope to choose from; it covers various spheres like action, comedy, friendship, horror, love, etc. Shortfundly dispenses a wide range of languages from which you can opt for your desirable language to watch a short film. Languages include Tamil, Marathi, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, etc.

You can even explore short films based on its duration. The minutes range from 0- 18+. Shortfundly has a total of 20000+ short films to select from.

We thus minimize the user text search and make it convenient for the user to browse their favorite film. So come and hunt for your special and the latest short film at Shortfundly. Watch movies in your mother tongue.

Come experience the magic and wonders of Short Movies only at Shortfundly.

They also launched an Android App. Download it from PlayStore!

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