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Geovid.io is the Perfect Way for Users to Discover Instagram Videos Through Geolocation


Toronto, Canada-based startup Lodka Labs Inc. is working on a few different ways of content discovery. It’s mostly about discovering videos, and one of their apps is Geovid.io.
Geovid.io shows you what’s going on in the world through videos geolocated on a map of the world. Continue reading

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Geopieces is a Social Discovery App That Takes Geotagging To The Next Level

Geopieces Social Discovery App

Discovery apps have been the primary booster for the travel industry ever since their introduction brought a surge in traffic on Android and iOS App Stores. It became easy for travellers to track and share their memorable expeditions with the rest of the world virtually and make their mark in the travelling market at a go. Continue reading

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How to Determine Market and Sales Potential

How to determine Market and Sales Potential

Before you take a new product or service to market, it is important for you to determine the market and sales potential of the new invention product or idea. This is the highest expected revenue that can be achieved from the product or service during any given period. Continue reading

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AppUpper boosts your app position in stores!


São Paulo, Brazil — February 25th 2014 — AppUpper today released the first crowd-review platform for Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps. It brings companies that have a new product with a very aggressive time-to-market the opportunity to have their product confidentially evaluated and tested Continue reading

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Finding a Good Lawyer is Easy with Kaanoon.com


Press Release: New Delhi, 19 February 2014 – Planning a divorce? Need to file a lawsuit? Need to get a legal agreement prepared? Is your landlord troubling you? Or just need some legal advice for your situation? For all of the above, the first thing you need is a good lawyer. So how do you go about finding a good lawyer? Continue reading

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cloudXLS – Excel Generator in the Cloud


Up until recently, the cloudXLS website had a prominent line that said “User love Excel, programmers don’t.” That’s what Sebastian Burkhard, the self-appointed “Chief Excel Officer” of cloudXLS, says was the motivation behind this web-based service that lets you create sophisticated Excel files from your data. Continue reading

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Top 5 Trending Gadgets You May Have Missed Last Week on The Gadget Flow


Whether you are thinking of a batman helmet or a classic looking bicycle, The Gadget Flow has it all and more. A cool garbage box or a mobile dock, you can find all your day-to-day needs satisfied here. StartupsFM team lists this week’s top 5 gadgets that contributes in making your daily chores a bit more jazzy! Continue reading

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Practice and Feedback Makes Your Startup Pitch Perfect With Feedback Fast


For a startup that wants to help other founders avoid startup pitch mistakes, the aptly named Feedback Fast itself bombed out big time right out of the gate. They launched the app in Dec 2013 and called it “Intercourse,” and priced it at $0.99 on the App Store. It’s a testament to the app’s usefulness Continue reading

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5 Awesome picks of this week from The Gadget Flow


Only eight days into the new year, although the party is over, that cannot be a reason to put a “restricted” sign on your “buying-gadgets-spree”. Gadgets are awesome and we understand they make you feel elated every time you buy one. Continue reading

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Celebrate New year’s eve with top 5 gadgets of this week from The Gadget Flow


Recent surveys are showing increasing demands for gadgets not just in adults but in kids too. Of course, we don’t blame them for this added curiosity. These days gadgets are not restricted to chargers and plugs only. A wide range of things have come to be included under “gadgets”. Continue reading

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