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Boom in home services marketplaces

Boom in home services marketplaces

If you’ve been reading the start-up press lately you’ll have noticed there’s a buzz about local services marketplaces. Amazon just announced its intends to launch one, Thumbtack is booming, and other niche providers like Rover (dog sitting) and HomeJoy (cleaning) have successfully raised funding from venture capital firms. Continue reading

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Developing A Small Business: Business Advice & Sustainability

Small Business Advice and Sustainabilty.png

It is essential for small businesses and startups to develop with a sustainable business model in mind. Long-term success depends on a plan that assesses risk and allows for the capitalisation of the opportunities that arise. This takes into account everything from cash flow to the sales and delivery process. Continue reading

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Navigating Employee Benefits for Startups

What benefits could startups offer

Small business startups often face a lot of expenses associated with getting a business off the ground. Some may choose to forego benefits packages, especially if they have a small employee base. However, choosing not to offer benefits can hurt startups in both the long and short runs. Continue reading

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Wait for It – How to Improve the Queuing Experience for Your Customers


If you have ever waited in a long and poorly managed queue as a customer, you know just how frustrating this can be. You inch forward, waiting for what seems like ages as the one teller takes the customers ahead of you as slowly as possible. You are looking at your watch, impatient and wondering if you should just leave your purchases and come back another time. Continue reading

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4 Advantages of Advertising Your Business Using Custom Signs


If you are starting a new business or simply want to change things up with your current company, custom signs are a great way to draw your customer’s attention.  There are a variety of styles, sizes and colors available to choose from when creating a sign so it’s important to do some research. Continue reading

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How coworking accelerates your workpace and makes you work smarter, Feedback from Felena Hanson and more


There’s a silent revolution underway in how entrepreneurs, telecommuting professionals, independent contractors, creative types and other sundry lone rangers go about their business. It’s called coworking, Continue reading

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Small Business POS Hardware Solutions


A small business POS needs all the hardware and software solutions of a larger business to survive in today’s economy. Moreover, the space constraints or other infrastructure issues that a small business faces means that the POS hardware and software needs to be geared to overcome these issues. Continue reading

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Top 5 Apps for Small Businesses That Can Take You to the Next Level of Greatness


With the right apps, intrepid entrepreneurs can conduct almost all their business from a smartphone or tablet. Start with these five amazing small business apps and see just how much work they will handle for you. Soon you’ll be directing everything from some remote coastal paradise like a true mogul. Continue reading

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Four steps to protect your small business data from light-fingered staff


Traditionally cybercrime was considered a problem for larger companies and corporates. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) felt safe in the knowledge that cybercriminals would have little to gain from a targeted attack, and as such often did not prioritise protecting themselves against such threats. Continue reading

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Why are businesses looking for more DIY solutions?


Nowadays, DIY trend has become a popular reality in the world of innovations. Recent years have been steadily marked by the increasing influence of the new generation Do-It-Yourself tools, which have now become credible alternatives to the paid professional services overflowing on the market. Continue reading

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