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Developing A Small Business: Business Advice & Sustainability

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It is essential for small businesses and startups to develop with a sustainable business model in mind. Long-term success depends on a plan that assesses risk and allows for the capitalisation of the opportunities that arise. This takes into account everything from cash flow to the sales and delivery process. Continue reading

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Why are businesses looking for more DIY solutions?


Nowadays, DIY trend has become a popular reality in the world of innovations. Recent years have been steadily marked by the increasing influence of the new generation Do-It-Yourself tools, which have now become credible alternatives to the paid professional services overflowing on the market. Continue reading

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LocalOn backed by YC empowers small businesses with social and local marketing


We are in a time when small businesses are going glocal and startups are seriously working to deliver this. Yes, small businesses are getting demos from startups to get online and monetize the web to reach their potential target users. No code, no design, just simple edit, save and publish buttons for local businesses to go online. That is what is LocalOn, a YC backed Bay Area startup led by Shahbano Imran is doing day in and out. Continue reading

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Google’s new top secret project, Helpouts, is ready to take the world of ecommerce by storm


Integration is the current buzzword with Google with its ever expanding live video framework turning into the unifying factor between the increasing number of real-time services that they have been rolling out. The newest feather in Google’s cap is apparently ecommerce, Continue reading

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Brandowner helps you form those special client relationships that make your small business grow


Back in 2006, a man from the Bronx called Vincent Ferrari tried to cancel his membership with AOL. He recorded his 21 minute phonecall with their sales representative and frustrated, put up a part of it up on his blog. Continue reading

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GreenSQL brings you a cost-effective, easy-to-use, installed database security approach in one product


GreenSQL serves SMBs by providing an easy-to-use, affordable database security solution that doesn’t require a whole dedicated security department or an external IT consultant to install. Continue reading

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3D Talent Services democratizes talent development for individuals and businesses


[Press Release] Chennai, India: 17 May, 2013: 3D Talent Services builds intelligent, simple and affordable apps for individuals and companies to use in the talent landscape. 3D Talent Services unveils its new platform to help individuals and businesses improve their skills and organizations better utilize their talent pool. Continue reading

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Now get your startup videos without pinching your pocket. Growwebvideo helps you storify your brand


Growwebvideo help startups and small businesses to express their stories. Yes this startup helps startups and small businesses tell their story to the world! Although great for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes, pages and pages of boring text on websites don’t cut it anymore for consumers researching products and services. Continue reading

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4 Must Have Areas Of Expertise For Small Business Owners


Business owners have a lot to worry about. They must grow their company without a lot of money or help from other people. Therefore, all business owners need to have these four skills to ensure that their business will be a success. Continue reading

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