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Best Social media app offers for Non-Profits

Social Media Apps for non-profits

“Fish where the fish are”- The golden rule to marketing for every business, and that includes nonprofit organizations too. Nonprofit organizations are always on their toes to spread the word and make people aware of the causes they are catering too. What better way to catch the eyeballs than social media portals. Continue reading

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Geovid.io is the Perfect Way for Users to Discover Instagram Videos Through Geolocation


Toronto, Canada-based startup Lodka Labs Inc. is working on a few different ways of content discovery. It’s mostly about discovering videos, and one of their apps is Geovid.io.
Geovid.io shows you what’s going on in the world through videos geolocated on a map of the world. Continue reading

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Practice and Feedback Makes Your Startup Pitch Perfect With Feedback Fast


For a startup that wants to help other founders avoid startup pitch mistakes, the aptly named Feedback Fast itself bombed out big time right out of the gate. They launched the app in Dec 2013 and called it “Intercourse,” and priced it at $0.99 on the App Store. It’s a testament to the app’s usefulness Continue reading

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Fittr Squad Brings You Personalized Workouts From Iris the Supercomputer


If your New Year resolution has anything to do with fitness, weight loss and a promise to start working out, then you have a new tool to help you called Fittr that’s launching right in time on Jan 1, 2014. Continue reading

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The Only Coin You Need To Replace All Your Cards


Forty minutes after the Coin crowdfunding campaign was thrown open, they crashed through the target of $50,000. Tweets about Coin were flying around at the rate of one per every five seconds, and their Youtube video now has 6.67 million views. Continue reading

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10 food startups all set to make eating a better experience this year


This examination of the best 10 food startups of 2013 is the first in the Christmas Blockbuster Series we’ll be doing every week on the best startups of the year in each industry. We start with food because that’s the best part of the holiday season. Continue reading

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There’s an App For Keeping Everything in It’s Place, and It’s Called Klaser


Tomasz Chwilowicz, cofounder and CEO of Upton Sp. z o.o., has a very simple philosophy about what a mobile app developer is supposed to do – “Help world, start from yourselves.” That’s what Upton’s Klaser is all about, as the app that keeps “Everything in its Place.” Continue reading

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Social Commerce on Shopify, Best Apps to make your Online Store go Social


We have tons of stats about social commerce that you will find very interesting and useful, but there’s only two sets of data that you really need to know about. The first one is that 38 million Americans aged 13-80 say their purchasing decisions are influenced by social media. Continue reading

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“SFM Storytellers Live Chat” with Alex Gonzalez, founder of Chatalog the online collaboration tool for better shopping decisions


When they launched, seed-funded startup Chatalog co-founder Natalie Gonzalez thought people would use the online social shopping tool to consult with their friends and family while shopping for clothes and fashion items. Continue reading

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Now get a personalized pocket-sized map based on peoples’ social media feeds with SuggestMe

We mostly fail to realize a problem until an app comes to our rescue

Really! While traveling there is one app to create a to-do list, another app to organize a trip, another to find local deals and a never ending list Continue reading

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